Surely there is more 
This is all of today's strip? 
Missing third panel?
We already know
Identity mistake stuff
And so does Wally
Oh it's "possible"?
Truly a legal savant
is Amicus Breef
A word of warning
ICE will not hesitate to
deport falling leaves
Adeela's right, though
This whole story arc is a
Horrible mistake


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43 responses to “Ha-ICE-ku

  1. Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

    Yes, it is entirely possible!

    The rest of this stupid story, however…

    • Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

      This is a blatant attempt by TB at justifying the story. It’s hardly helpful to Adeela. She knows it’s possible because it happened to her.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “It’s entirely possible”…yep, that’s some mighty fine lawyering there all right. You really want an immigration lawyer who immediately grasps the “big picture” and doesn’t waste a lot of time hemming and hawing.

  3. Professor Harlan Grankle

    Wow, great legal insight there, Amicus! I bet that line is your secret weapon in the courtroom. So persuasive!

  4. Aurora Snorealis

    “Y’all look the same to us! Har har harrrrrrrrrr!”

  5. So, if the lawyer (I refuse to type that stupid name) is there, I assume he’s representing Adeela and she’ll be released pending trial.

    In the meantime, what about that insulated bag? Damn it, this is getting really maddening–Batiuk should do a story about that, that’s what people care about and there may be an award.

    (I added that last part. There probably isn’t.)

  6. William Thompson

    “And, Wall-eye, when did you change your hair color?”

  7. J.J. O'Malley

    But WHERE is the car
    used to deliver pizzas,
    and the thermal bag?

  8. Gerard Plourde

    I see that no matter how serious TomBa goes in his storyline, he can’t resist his falling leaves.

  9. billytheskink

    First blog turn in months
    Sorry about weird format
    Wordpress changed stuff up

  10. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Your Adeeler blast from the past.

    • newagepalimpsest

      These are 100% what Adeela would have thought if she were in any way based upon a somewhat functional human being.

  11. billytheskink

    TB will take trips to California and New York to photo reference things you could even find on Bing’s image search, but he won’t drive around his own hometown to accurately depict an ICE detention facility.

    Many things can be said about ICE, but I will go to bat for their website’s detention facility locator as a well-designed and useful web-based tool (granted, I haven’t attempted to compose haiku with it… yet). There are two ICE facilities in the greater Cleveland-Akron area, and neither one appears to be a sinister multi-story fortresses of barbed wire and Department of Homeland Security signs.

    The first is the Bedford Heights City Jail, which is located between a community center and a middle school in Bedford Heights’ municipal building, where it is housed along with the city’s senior day care program. The second is the Geauga County Safety Center, an exurban sheriff’s department headquarters and jail nestled among a variety of other county-owned buildings, including a hospital.

    • Epicus Doomus

      In the Westview Correctional Facility conditions have improved somewhat since the comic book riot of ’02. Putting the DC guys and the Marvel guys in the same wing was a mistake the warden won’t be making again, that’s for sure. Tensions linger to this day.

      In the WCF pepperoni is practically currency among inmates. It’s used to settle gambling debts, curry favor with guards and facilitate the black-market toppings trade, which can be lucrative. A pound of spicy sausage that might fetch a hundred pepperoni slices on the outside could easily make an inmate ten times that on the inside, even more if he or she dilutes it.

      Comic books are of course permitted, in fact the prison runs eleven advanced comic book studies course for those inmates who might choose to turn their lives around in the comic book business after they get released. The staples are removed, lest the inmates fashion them into weapons.

    • Bad Wolf

      I had a feeling he was overdoing it with the Schinlder’s List homage in the first panel. I know he had someone visit Plantman in jail not so long ago, did he bother to make the jail there look like Buchenwald-meets-Auschwitz? Sheeesh.

      • billytheskink

        The “Westview Prison” that houses Plantman looks largely like Westview High School with a short security fence.

  12. erdmann

    Wow. It’s just like the dramatic courtroom scene where Atticus Finch faced the jury and said, “It’s entirely possible my client did what the prosecution claims he did. It’s also entirely possible he didn’t. So, it’s entirely possible you should find him not guilty.” Then, Scout jumped up and started chanting “Atticus! Atticus! Atticus!”
    I wonder if attorney Abel Lance Chaser will be invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Montoni’s after he clears Adeela’s name.

  13. Jimmy

    Did Amicus Breef pass the bar? I have taught classes at the community college level covering basic legal business expectations and contracts, but I’m not a practicing lawyer.

    This feels like kind of the same thing.

    • Barnaby Scones

      I’m quite sure he didn’t pass the bar. He went directly inside, and stumbled out at closing.

    • Professor Fate

      I am not sure, but I do get the sense that Amicus Breef did not graduate in the top half of his class.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        Yeah, there’s a lot fishy about this guy. Starting with… okay, starting with that stupid name, but then “immigration attorney for my college.” Working immigration cases for for Kent State students is an awfully narrow legal focus. Especially for someone who appears to be about 25 years old.

        And he dresses like it’s 1965, which is perfect because he clearly bases his life on Holden Caulfield. Or maybe just Les Moore. They all have that condescending, know-it-all, I’m-so-deep pout. He blurts out the most obvious things as if they were instant messages from God. He’d be a joke character if he wasn’t the hero of a Tom Batiuk story.

  14. none


  15. Rusty Shackleford

    That’s entirely possible but I will need another week of this to be sure.

  16. batgirl

    Okay, so when all seems lost, the real Adeela Salam bursts into the courtroom (I know it wouldn’t be a courtroom, but it’s more dramatic) to sacrifice herself by deportation to almost certain death in Iraq. Plot twist: she is the original kinda-cute-and-young Adeela from the community college arc!

    • William Thompson

      A resolution that requires none of the regular characters to do anything but sit there? I think you’ve called it!

  17. Perfect Tommy

    Pizza delivered
    At the cost of your freedom
    Pie gone cold no bag

    • newagepalimpsest

      My pie’s gone cold, I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all
      Westview smog fogs up my window, I can’t see at all
      Even if I could, it’d be all grey, but a delivery bag
      Reminds me that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad

  18. Maxine of Arc

    Car has gone astray
    Insulated bag too
    Zanzibar has them

  19. hitorque

    I don’t get it… So far Adeela has been whining and crying about a facial recognition snafu, but not once has she ever actually SAID that she is a legal resident/citizen and has the documentation to prove it… Why is that?

  20. Mr. A

    Behind wire fences,
    A lawyer meets Adeela,
    States the obvious

  21. Westview Radiology

    Who cares what happens to Adillydeelya? Show of hands anyone? Hands? Oops … sorry Becky.

  22. The Dreamer

    Actually it wouldn’t be the worst thing if Adeela *is* deported and written out of the strip. She takes up time thst could go to other characters that have been around far longer and now get no storylines. Like the long missing Summer Moore and long ignored original character Crazy…