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Harry the Hoarder

Argh, just argh. The joke here hinges on the premise that Crazy’s comics collection is so huge that is occupies all the space in their home. We know that Crazy collects comics (especially those Tarzan ones), but it’s never been established that said collection threatens to “eat” the house that Crazy shares with dumpy Donna, Maddie, and the missing-in-action Tyler and little Abbey.


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You've Got Mail(man)

If today’s snark doesn’t seem nearly as amusing as usual that’s ’cause it’s your Guest host DavidO taking the reins from TFHackett to give him a much needed break.

The not-quite-PC named postal worker Crazy Harry is up for closer examination in today’s chucklefest! Today’s Sunday strip at least has something of a punchline. Clearly the stress of dealing with the post office is about to send him “postal.” The job must be stressful indeed, because despite having graduated with Funky and Co, he looks at least ten years older than them.

In the last panel, Donna appears to be contemplating smothering her ol’ man with a pillow, as seen in the Lifetime Original Movie: My Husband Won’t Stop Sleeptalking.”


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I Like "No Buts" and I Cannot Lie

October 12, 2012 at 1:39 am
I do want to ask, though…what’s with the dropping leaves? They seem pretty pervasive lately.

For what it’s worth, every strip in October has depicted falling or fallen leaves (except for when Les was inside watching a Lisa Tape). At this rate, there won’t be much of a “beautiful golden canopy” left for our bride and groom. Today the whole town of Westview is brought to a standstill; neither pizzas nor mail shall be delivered. Out on Les’ front lawn, the guests regard one another anxiously, while One of Cayla’s Relatives (do we know who? Does it matter? No.) makes a last-minute adjustment to her gown.

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Quarant'anni di Montoni's

Finally, a special occasion that actually deserves to be celebrated at Montoni’s. The joint hasn’t been this packed since Darin discovered breakfast pizza. Everybody’s here…of course, Becky and Wally have to slave away back in the kitchen, and Khan’s been a persona non grata since opening up his own eatery nearly a year ago. Holly and Donna are in the same shot, proving they are not the same person; ditto Summer and Pete (wasn’t he leaving town?). Dead Skunk Head John and Bull are either gazing lovingly at one another or have just finished sharing a joint.

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La Donna Della Mia Vita

Wow. In a comic strip legendary for its epic sadness, I don’t think it’s ever been sadder that it is today. Bad enough that Harry’s devotion to Tarzan “comical books” would lead him to consider cashing in his daughter’s college fund. But when Donna, the only woman in the world who finds him desireable, dares to (only-half-) jokingly expresses her longing for him, everyone in the room is immediately and visibly repulsed. I suppose Maddie can be forgiven her reaction to hearing her parents allude to “gettin’ busy”. As for John, he’s probably skeeved at the thought of caressing anything besides pubescent boys.

A while back, someone stated on Twitter that the Komix Korner was based on Ground Zero Comics in Strongsville, Ohio (15 miles from TB’s home in Medina). I couldn’t find GZ Comics’ website, but some pics found on patch.com seem to support this. The store’s nestled in a strip mall, not above a pizza joint, but like the Korner, it’s decorated with nerd tchotchkes. They also have a Space Invaders machine just like Tony’s.

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Plaque Buildup

Maddie the Hat steps forward to accept her Senior Leader Award, though we’ve not seen her demonstrate any leadership, except when it comes to hassling neighbors to buy band candy.

I can see a twit like Les equating air guitar ability with real musicianship, but a music educator like Becky really should know better.

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