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Bazoomba Class

SoSFDavidO here, limping through another blog post!

Riddle me this, Funksters! What took place these past for days that couldn’t have been done with ONE damn panel like the first panel in today’s strip?

I thought I liked comics. Now I’m not so sure any more. It’s like seeing a kid you can’t stand in school wearing a shirt with your favorite band on it. And that word, bazoombas. Somone hit me in the face with a frying pan, it’d be less painful than imagining Donna saying that.


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His Story

Full Retcon ahead! I’m sure Holly is sorry she ever asked about Donna’s video game triumphs back in the day. Oh wait, she didn’t ask. Still, we’re treated to a hot mess of retconning in today’s strip!

One does have to wonder where these photos have been hiding at Montoni’s this whole time, considering Batuik’s fondness for painstakingly drawing each and every tiny brick in a wall.


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Humor Eliminator

Placeholder post for night owls…

today’s strip!


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SosfDavidO here, Guest Hosting for the week!

I actually won’t be able to get to today’s strip when it posts tonight but that’s not going to stop me from using this title in
today’s strip!

..and I’m back. I don’t even know what to say about today’s strip, it’s so mind-numbingly awful. There isn’t even a bad pun to call out. As someone pointed out, the idea that Donna just noticed the photo of her that’s been hanging up at Montoni’s since 1984 is ridiculous. What’s the point of this entire week? Girls like comics, and show their appreciation by cross-dressing as video game enthusiasts? My head asplodes.


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The Name Game

SosfDavidO here, Guest Hosting for the week!

We’re talking about comics here, right? Comics are little stories printed on paper that are told in serial format and sold monthly or told in daily strips. How did Donna leap from comics to video games in today’s strip?

Jeez Loiuse, how many topics are there to talk about in the Funkyverse? Comics, pizza, cancer, FaceSpace, Alzheimer’s and PTSD appear to be it. We *know* girls enjoy comics too, and though the fanbase isn’t nearly as large, the comic-based movies (Well, Marvel ones, anyhow) enjoy a large audience of men and women alike.

Do I even have to mention Comic Con? For crying out loud, girls are even cosplaying as Rocket Raccoon.

I don’t want to bash comics, as I liked them a lot as a kid, but I don’t think they’re quite as deserving as the reverence TomBat gives them. I mean, the whole Superman is Clark Kent without glasses thing could *only* work in a medium where characters are as one-dimensional as the paper they’re drawn on.

My protests are against a comic writer that wrote this over a year ago. I might as well be shouting at Judge Judy on the TV, it would do about as much good.


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Y Bother

SosfDavidO here, Guest Hosting for the week!

Hoo-boy. Two middle-aged clone women prattling on about comic books, what’s not to like about today’s strip?

And just to save people the trouble… The Y Chromosome on Wikipedia.

From the entry:

“The Y chromosome is one of two sex chromosomes (allosomes) in mammals, including humans, and many other animals.”

I can see why TomBat couldn’t pass up a comedy goldmine like this! The strip practically writes itself!


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Harry Tinkle

For all his jerkish behavior upon learning of Crazy Harry’s unemployment, give Funky credit for at least checking in on his friend. Maybe Harry’s strategy of selling off his library (instead of, I dunno, looking for another job) is not as idiotic as we think. Keep in mind that in the Funkiverse, a single issue of an obscure comic, pulled from a safe, can generate enough revenue to rescue not one but two businesses.


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Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Feb. 19, 2012

Oh, Donna Klinghorn, you poor, poor woman. I stopped feeling sorry for Cayla a long time ago: there were plenty of warning signs that she was marrying a jerk. But I truly pity Donna: today she throws herself at Crazy Harry, trying her wifely best to take his mind off of having (deservedly, though improbably) lost his job. But once again, Crazy denies her, the better to tend to his beloved goddamn books, and once again she just takes it in stride.

“We could use some extra money…” “Extra” money, Harry? You just lost the only job you ever had. Is getting another job not an option for you? Sure, you look and act like a septuagenarian, but you have a wife, a house, and one or three children. I really doubt that selling a few books, or imagining that you’re a CEO, is gonna supplant your lost income.



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Crayzito Finito

Since today’s strip does nothing to move the story along, let us attempt to get at the genesis of “finito binito [sic]”:

Finito Benito
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Finito Benito comes from the North American Aviation B-25J Mitchell Medium Bomber airplane named “Finito Benito Next Hirohito.”  This B-25J bomber was attached to the 12th Air Force, based in Naples late in World War II.

The name Benito refers to the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. Hirohito refers to the name of the Japanese emperor during World War II. Italy and Mussolini fell in 1943 while Japan and Hirohito fell in August 1945…[t]he name…was painted in red on the upper surfaces of the wings, as opposed to the usual placement on the nose of the airplane.


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Old 'n' Sad

So whose second-fiddle status is more pitiable: Cayla, who recently committed to spend the rest of her life never quite filling the shoes of the late Lisa, or Donna the Hutt?

At least Cayla’s rival is (was) another woman. Also, Mrs. Moore is finally showing some backbone, and hey: if worse came to worse, she’s relatively young and occasionally attractive, and wouldn’t have too much trouble finding another man. Mrs. Crazy, on the other hand, not only meekly concedes her husband to his beloved old comics, but even offers Crazy Harry an apology, which he magnanimously accepts. Donna relinquishes her husband’s affections and instead must settle for “love on paper”.


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