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While Jeff Murdoch apparently violates Twitter’s character limit in today’s strip, Director Martin Johns violates general decorum by thinking Jeff’s tweet is worth reading out loud to these Hollywood types lounging about in wicker chairs.

Prescient SOSFer erdmann hypothesized yesterday that this would lead to the premiere of Starbuck Jones at “that damn Crankshaft theater”. Today’s strip all but confirms that, and I can tell you that the next several strips will not dispel the idea. If you consider this to be a spoiler then you haven’t read Funky Winkerbean for very long.

In other news, Cindy has lost her right foot. Oh, and Jeff Murdoch is apparently both old enough to have seen and remember original-run Starbuck Jones movie serials (before Cliff was blacklisted sometime in the early 1950s) and young enough to have also been attending Kent State in 1970 (on a John Sebastian impersonator scholarship, apparently). To be fair, there is a window of time in which that works, but it is narrower than Crankshaft’s mind.


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Sleepless in SEATtle

SosfdavidO here, marveling at Tombat’s continued use of telling when he should show and showing when he should tell, like in today’s strip.

Here’s how this would have went down in the real world:

Crazy Harry: “I’m here two hours early for the movie!”
Employee: “Why?”
Crazy Harry: “To get the perfect seat.”
Employee: “Which one is that?”
Crazy Harry: “Well, um.. the one in the middle…”

But in the interest of *comedy* we have to go through a whole week of the employee actually leaving his ticket booth to see what the hell Harry is talking about. Who sold the newcomers tickets? Who knows!

How this should have went down:

(Harry and Holly are seated at the theater)
Harry: “Can you see the screen?”
Holly: Yes.”
Harry: “Is your seat comfortable?”
Holly: “Yes.”
Harry: “Are you in a draft?”
Holly: “No…”
Harry: “Would you switch me seats!?”


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Fanboy Harry

From the looks of the empty theater in today’s strip, there wasn’t a single movie playing before 7:30? It doesn’t look like a cineplex, just a single-screen old tyme theater. If they’re only showing one or two movies a day it’s no wonder theaters like these might be in trouble.

Of course, the person who sold Harry and Holly their tickets also personally accompanied them to their seats because that’s just how theaters in Westview work? Is he also the popcorn seller and projectionist?


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When Harry Met Silly

SosfDavidO here, with yet another example of Tombat’s affinity for cinema revivals of films spilling into his characters yet again in today’s strip. I guess Tombat better crank this gag out soon, as a lot of movie theaters are going to systems that allow you to purchase tickets (and pick your seats) ahead of time.

Eh, this is Westview. Harry probably had to throw down a Morgan dollar for two tickets and there’s probably a curtain that has to be drawn before the start of each show.


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