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Sunday, November 29

We haven’t had to say it in these parts for a while, but Sunday’s strip was not available for preview. With the band turkey arc having come mercifully to its conclusion, I’m betting that Sunday will be a one-off with the Winkerbeans, like the first Sunday in last December in which the Funkman behaved like a jackass while Holly attempted to shop for clothes.


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Mail Day Part Five…The Readening

Link To Today’s Strip

And so we wait, wait and wait some more. Will Linda actually open the fateful letter? If so, will she read it too? Will there be dialog? And if so, will it be stupid, very stupid or extremely stupid? Tune in at midnight to find out!

Update: Ugh. She did successfully open the letter, however now she’s reading it line by line, as Batiuk desperately tries to stretch out the suspense…in a story arc he deliberately ruined during a puff-piece interview. Once again, nice going there, blabbermouth. The disdain he normally has for his readers is morphing into contempt now. After she finally (hopefully) gets to the meat of the matter tomorrow, BatBlab will have successfully used a full six days on opening one letter, thereby proving that our mockery of his weird mail fixation was in fact based on reality and wasn’t just mean-spirited snark.


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S’matterday, October 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview.

So anyways, here is post-second captivity Wally shaking the hand of the Afghan-native who held him captive the first time and who sold the Taliban the missile that shot down the helicopter he was flying in prior to that first time being captured.


Have a nice Saturday, everyone!


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Sunday October 14

Link To Sunday’s Strip

Coming tomorrow: the triumphant return of billytheskink!

Sunday’s strip is, as usual, unavailable for preview. What will it be? Another comic book cover? “Wallace McHero and Budrick the Space Dog”. A continuation of whatever this Wally nonsense is about? Something totally unrelated? Sundays are always a crap shoot (emphasis on crap), anything can happen (so to speak) and it’s as unpredictable as a line of Keisha dialog. My guess? I’m running with the theory that this “Adeela” character is Wally’s Afghani girlfriend who lost an arm when Wally got hammered at the annual enlisted man’s ball and crashed his Jeep, then she dumped him for a Pakistani comic book virgin dude after believing he was dead. But the joke’s on HER because he WASN’T!

And that’s it for me for now, I’ll be back right around when the last leaf falls and the blizzards begin, or “November” as it’s known in the Funkyverse.


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