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Add PBS to the list of things in Ban Tom’s shaky and off-kilter gun sights. What, did they do a “Comic Strip Writers Who HAVE Won Pulitzers” roundtable discussion recently or something? Anyway, they’re actually not very similar at all, as PBS provides hours and hours of entertainment while Buddyblog consists of a few assholes sitting on the floor and a wildly smirking weirdo chuckling to himself like a moron after every idiotic self-deprecating comment about what a joke his business is. Send Spencer to Westview and the integration would be seamless, I’ll tell you what. It really is uncanny, he could walk into Montoni’s right now and hold his own with any of them.

TheAuthor’s personal grudges aside, it’s same old-same old today as he bludgeons the premise into the ground once more. These Internet start-up punks are a bunch of dopey jerks with no “business model” other than mooching and yadda yadda yadda what choice does Cindy have anyway because she’s old and faded and etc. The only real question is how long will it take for this to play out? Does he wrap it up by Sunday or does it carry over for another (ugh) week?



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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Considering the kind of crap that Batiuk has had the gall to cash a paycheck for, criticizing how somebody else pays the bills is pretty hypocritical.

  2. And yet it wasn’t too long ago that he was name-dropping “Downton Abbey” as an artistic achievement on a par with “Starbuck Jones”…

  3. Panel two looks pretty much like what a crotchety old guy thinks an Internet start-up looks like. “Hmph, I’ll bet it’s nothing but a bunch of kids hanging around in beanbag chairs and using laptops because they’re too hip to sit at a desk like normal, hard-working folk…”

  4. Smirks 'R Us

    Panel 1 Cindy looks mid-20’s tops. And all of a sudden Michael Dukakis shows up in panel 3 to take over these intense negotiations. BatHack has outdone himself with this one. Ten pounds of Funky in a five pound bag.

  5. It’s like playing “prickly old white man” bingo with him, isn’t it? The only thing he hasn’t railed against yet is the ‘problem’ of diversity in comics and the only reason he hasn’t is that he doesn’t want to be accused of being racist….despite loading his universe with credits to their races.

  6. Nathan Obral

    “We call it the TANK model!”

  7. What bothers me is less the buzzword bingo and by-the-numbers Luddite yapping; what bothers me is that like pretty much everyone else in the strip, Cindy seems to have all the self-preservation instincts of a thumb-tack. It’s painful to have to watch these imbeciles and realize that there’s no voice inside their heads that can warn them to escape a situation like this.

  8. captaincab

    Two days in a row Bathack shows he has no idea how Kickstarter works (the Kickstarter would be used to help fund the *beginning* of Buddyblog as a business, NOT the subscriptions which would come LONG AFTER THE KICKSTARTER HAD ENDED unless there’s an alternate universe where a Kickstarter just goes on forever) and takes a bizarre, rude, outta-nowhere and totally non-applicable potshot at PBS.

  9. billytheskink

    How much better would this strip be if TB followed the PBS model, the Pearls Before Swine model that is, of actually being funny?

    That Dukakis is uncanny, though. And look, it’s Bobby Howry and Leisl Ishii enthralled by a laptop computer in panel 2… they must have wandered on to the FW set after Gil Thorp was done shooting.

  10. captaincab

    billytheskink “How much better would this strip be if TB followed the PBS model, the Pearls Before Swine model that is, of actually being funny?”

    Some of the best Pearls Before Swine strips are where they mercilessly make fun of other strips. I can’t believe Stephen Pastis hasn’t unleashed Rat and Pig on FW yet (unless he did and I missed it).

  11. @captaincab: He had Rat and his avatar die, meet Masky McDeath and come back to life because nobody wanted them stinking up the afterlife.

  12. Back in 2008, Pearls Before Swine did a sequence riffing on the general concept of killing off comic strip characters, and Funky got a shout-out in that week’s opening strip (though its primary target is “For Better or For Worse”):

    Followed by an appearance by Masky McDeath a few strips later:

  13. captaincab

    @Paul Jones and Erich:

    Haha Thanks. Also, the first was the one that brilliantly made fun of FBoFW’s “Newruns” which I was wondering about in a post earlier this week.

    They actually showed Masky, wow. I still hope they eventually do a full on FW Pearls crossover though where they have some of the actual characters appear in the strip with Rat and Pig (like they have done with Family Circus and some others). Stephen Pastis says he has gotten at least a few nasty letters from some of the old gaurd cartoonists after making fun of them. Boo hoo. Would love to know who those letters were from and what was said.

  14. Jim in Wisc.

    My personal favorite PBS spoof was of Mary Worth. She showed up during “Hands Across the Comics Page” (which was itself a snark on Hands Across America). The point was to make fun of MW’s glacial pace with Mary just standing stone-still and nonspeaking for a couple of days. The penultimate strip had Pig imploring, “Move, Mary Worth, move!” The whole thing concluded the next day with Alice from Cul-de-Sac channeling Beavis (Fire, fire, fire!) burning down the PBS house.

  15. Nice to see that the Frankenstein Monster was able to get a job. All it takes is a nice red shirt!

  16. Merry Pookster

    I just heard that Summer and Keisha lost their Basketball scholarships at Kent State

  17. sgtsaunders

    “Cindy, we’re thinking of producing a show in a new magazine format the will be sort of a cross between CBS Reports and The Gong Show and we’d like you to be the host…” Now where have I heard that shit before?
    Not much really changes, does it? On the other hand, maybe this is Chapter 1 of “Murder On The Internet Express: The Cindy Summers Story.”

  18. captaincab

    @Jim in Wisc.

    “My personal favorite PBS spoof was of Mary Worth.”

    Just finished reading those, that was amazing. “I’d react but I need to slow down the storyline.” lol I also love the phone call bit with Lio.

    Hmmm, also nice how you can access older PBS strips from years ago without paying a fee unlike FW, isn’t that interesting? How ironic that Batiuk himself apparently is a fan of the “subscription model” he incoherently makes fun of in today’s strip.

  19. bad wolf

    @captaincab: it’s a gocomics thing–you can go pretty far back with their strips (all of Luann) and a few have even started running retro-strips (Wizard of Id). ComicsKingdom seems to have an across-the-board time limit of one year. The papers that use them only seem to have one month access–try going through Seattle PI’s website.

  20. @bad wolf: The parent company slammed the paywall down a few years ago because they didn’t know of any other way to make money off of the Internet.

  21. bad wolf

    @paul: Well, the ads are more intrusive on gocomics, so there’s that. I forgot about the old strips being available on CK before. I just tried out the Royal archives the other week and (FYI) Funky and most of the other strips went back to October 1998. I wonder if they’re continuously updating them/pushing it back? The oldest ones had been colorized already.