The Endangered California Candor

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But wait a minute, how could BB know what they could afford if they knew they’d be relying on crowdsourcing revenue they hadn’t even received yet? Huh BanTom? Tell me, how could they know? Stop being all “vague” and TELL ME! How could they know, Tom? HOW COULD THEY KNOW??? It’s just amazing how he’ll completely contradict himself right in the middle of a story like that then get all mad at US (and the entire internet in general) when we point it out, like it’s our fault for remembering what happened yesterday.

And what the hell is up with this “reimagined digital content” bullshit? RE-imagined? Come on, Spencer my man, you gotta be kidding me here. And is it just me or has MS gained a considerable amount of weight since yesterday or what? He’s all pudgy and doughy all of a sudden in panel one then he goes from vaguely ethnic to full-on Don Ho in panel two. Again with the eyebrows, too. They’re like caterpillars trying to escape from his forehead and honestly, who could blame them?


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  1. JerrytheMacGuy

    “Our second choice was the sock puppet from”

  2. I suspect the radiation from Cindy explains Spencer’s sudden weight gain. He’s turning into a Westviewian.
    Nice bicycle wheel, though.

  3. Really? There weren’t any up and coming interns?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    This Michael Spencer (if that is his real name) guy was MADE for Westview. I have no doubt that if he moved to town tomorrow, he’d be mayor by Monday. Fat, wry, constant wisecracks about what a loser he is, expressive eyebrows and a world-class smirk…how this guy isn’t running a used CD shop in Khan’s old spot is beyond me.

  5. Spacemanspiff85

    What is it that Batiuk has against bicycles? I guess cycling is an exercise for big city hipsters, unlike jogging.

  6. Gyre

    Some ideas for what the writer could have had Cindy do with her life.

    She could write a book on her experiences as a woman working her way up the ranks of reporting.

    She could act as a mentor to new reporters, giving them advice on things like what to do if a government hacks your email or what things to consider when thinking about the ethics of your reporting.

    She could work for public relations for some politician or corporation.

    What is actually happening.

    She’s sitting there and still listening to a guy talk about how she’ll be paid by a kickstarter.

  7. @Epicus Doomus: I should think that his snotty comment about how it’s called writing explains why we’re supposed to swallow logical absurdities. His pal John Byrne loves telling people that he outranks them so it’s kinda obvious that Batty believes that the price of admission is silence in the face of stupidity.

    As for Cindy’s passive refusal to do anything but meekly be insulted and accept her own easily avoidable doom, it’s simply par for the course. As the Evil Woman Who Actively Campaigned To GET CRANKSHAFT FIRED!!!! proved, people who want to make things better are horrible know-it-alls who hate the team and pizza at Montoni’s.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Paul Jones:
    The thing is, logical inconsistencies are fine if you’re telling a good story. Star Wars is an entertaining story, so nobody but the most obsessive fans make a big deal over things that might not make absolute perfect sense.
    Whereas Batiuk’s writing doesn’t even contain the most minimal levels of drama, suspense, character development, or humor. I feel silly even calling his plotlines arcs. A Family Circus Sunday strip with the dotted line showing where the kid ran around the neighborhood tells more of a story than Batiuk has in a long while. And I don’t think that’s an exaggeration at all.

  9. @SpacemanSpiff85: This is, of course, the problem we’ve had to deal with for the last seven years. We’re dealing with a bunch of nobodies that nothing of importance happens to. We could thus rename it “The End Of History: The Comic Strip.”

  10. Jim in Wisc.

    Just when you think things can’t get anymore stupid …

  11. captaincab

    Paul Jones: “His pal John Byrne loves telling people that he outranks them”

    First I heard of this, didn’t realize Byrne was a jerk, any examples of this? Just to fans or to colleagues?

  12. billytheskink

    Hey, it’s “Big Face”, one of the overworld enemies from the critically-panned TurboGrafx-16 pack-in game Keith Courage in Alpha Zones.

    Big Face

    Yeah, I got nothing else, but thanks to the 17 people of the planet who get that reference.

  13. Old Man Miggle

    Calling it right now: they make ten times their original goal and skip Cindy for Ann Curry.

  14. Professor Fate

    Re Byrne – I do know that when Keith Giffen took over the comic Doom Patrol in 2010 or so his first order of business was to kill off (in a very messy way) the character that John had added to the Doom Patrol during his short lived tenure on the comic. While I don’t normally read much into such things – this does seem to speak volumes about his rep. A quick google search shows that Mr. Bryne has a rep of being something of a jerk to fans (both just in general and when the gall to disagree with a decision of his) which would explain his close friendship with the author.

    Re today’s strip – MS’s appearance in the last panel made me think that he’s about the slough off his skin made from a dead human and reveal that he is really some sort of lovecraftian monster who is using the offer of a job as a lure to get victims to devour. Not likely of course but it would be a bit more interesting yes?

  15. captaincab


    Very nice, I’m an avid Turbografx-16 fan. Fun fact: In Japan, the Turbografx was known as the PC Engine and was very popular, it even outsold the Sega Genesis over there, no joke. Unfortunately NEC underpowered the hardware for their 32-bit PC-FX console so badly that no third parties could make decent games for it and that killed their time in the console market. Keith Courage was indeed a terrible pack in, shame they didn’t pack in Bonk’s Adventure or Bomberman (the first system that the series appeared on).

  16. captaincab

    @Professor Fate

    Sorry, missed your post above, thanks for the clarification on Byrne.

  17. I saw John Byrne at a convention once, and while my own interaction with him was fairly pleasant (I brought him some books to sign and thanked him for his work, he signed the books and thanked me–an unremarkable but professional, courteous exchange, there was an incident I witnessed that left a more negative impression.

    I was waiting in line to get a book signed by another artist, Mike Allred, and the line to see him was much longer than the people coming to see Byrne. Byrne came up to Allred and said “Excuse me, I think you’ve got my line.” While I know he meant it as a joke, it still came across like “How can this young upstart possibly be more popular than a legend like me?”

    As jokes go, I can easily imagine Les Moore delivering that one…