Nick of Time

SoSfDavidO Here, and don’t even try and figure out today’s title, as it’s not punny at all, unlike In today’s strip. It’s the title to a Twilight Zone episode that freaked me out as a kid and I think is fairly appropriate of a comparison to Montoni’s. In it, a young William Shatner is held hostage by the idea he can never leave a little diner because of a tiny mechanical fortune teller that seems to have hold over him.

And here is Darin, almost seemingly stuck in a small diner he can’t escape from either! The mechanical band just seals the deal as far as reminding me of the Twilight Zone episode.

Can anyone ever truly leave Westview?


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17 responses to “Nick of Time

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Check out that hand-lettered sign and that tape job. Are these people complete imbeciles or what? The entire town has some kind of weird scotch tape dyslexia deal going on.

  2. Rusty

    Say, where’s Wally? Still chained to the sink and washing the pots and pans?

  3. DOlz

    Comeback tour, does that mean all the pizza places on the way back? Yeah baby, the Montoni’s 2015 w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ O̶h̶i̶o̶ Westview Tour.

  4. Jimmy

    The most important thing I learned today, besides the fact that Darin is indeed rank and file at Montoni’s and not a high-powered MBA tech whiz (yeah, that’s not misspelled):

    William Shatner appeared in more than one Twilight Zone episode. That machine was the most expensive Magic 8 Ball ever.

  5. The badly-taped sign is as much shorthand for the strip as the band-box. On the one hand, we have an inept rush-job presented as being more ‘authentic’ than the effort of effort and on the other, we’re meant to obsess about a vaguely disturbing affectation few people could really actually care about.

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    It’s weird how Batiuk completely abandons major plotlines and characters, and yet keeps returning to things that literally no one but him cares about (the band box, Starbuck Jones, Les).
    And of course people can leave Westview. They’re just inevitably destroyed and forced to return in humiliation and shame.

  7. merrypookster

    Band on the Run

  8. @SpacemanSpiff85: Worse, they end up either having to resume the roles they had in high school (if they’re male) or paying for their sins (if they’re female.)

  9. A HREF

    Oh thank God! I was so worried about whether the Bandbox was coming back. Whew! Glad TB ended that cliff hanger!

  10. The post title reminds me that I must sadly note the passing of the Firesign Theatre’s Phil Austin (at left, below), aka Nick Danger, Third Eye; he passed away last Friday at age 74.

  11. I’d actually forgotten about the band box thing until now. All I can say is at least it’s not the Darin/Les circle jerk anymore.

  12. billytheskink

    Good news! The Women on 20’s movement was successful, and the US Mint has chosen a women to replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill.

    Bad news… It’s Holly Winkerbean from today’s second panel, who the average American cannot tell apart from Andrew Jackson.

  13. captaincab

    HE DID IT AGAIN. HE IS LITERALLY USING FUNKY’S FACE FOR A WOMAN. Wow, unbelievable. Look at that eye peelingly awful “art” in today’s strip. Donna LITERALLY has Funky’s face in all three panels!! Darrin has a variation of Funk;’s face as well (as he has for several months now, maybe I’m going out of my mind but I uh, *vomit* actually uh wow, miss (?) “classic” carrot-nose face Darrin, anything not to see Funky’s butt ugly, bluntly rounded hawk nose on every other character in this abysmal strip).

    Say, are you a veteran comic strip “artist” who just can no longer take the hassle of spending many years juggling “complex,” “mature” and “thoughtful” storylines and on top of that, now have to also struggle with a “more realistic art style” for your characters which you mistakenly thought would compliment the aforementioned so called “complex,” “mature” and “thoughtful” storylines? No problem! Just make everybody look much older and uglier than they should and then save even more time by copying and pasting the title male character’s face whenever it suits you! Is it a middle aged housewife who isn’t a former popular cheerleader? Just make her fat and ugly! If it’s one of those days where you just wanna get out of your studio so you can have a slice at Luigi’s and spend the rest of the day at the comic shop instead of maintaining your craft, then just use a man’s face! Forget what an adopted kid from one of your “beloved” storylines is supposed to look
    like decades later as an adult? Just swap his face and nose for that of the same male character you just used for a woman! Is it getting too hard drawing a realistic looking African American woman in an interracial marriage? No problem, just use one of your “30 year old caucasian woman” templates! Former news anchor in her 50s who is now dating a young movie star? Just swap in the same “30 year old caucasian woman” template for her too! Wow, now you can get even more strips in on time while you cash yet another paycheck as you slum your way to a rudimentary 50th year milestone!

    After all, even though you’ve spent many years, beating it into peoples’ heads that this is supposed to be the most important comic strip ever made, why should you care when the only people who will notice are the people who actually read your strip daily! Yeah, why make your comic strip look pleasing to the eyes and write dialogue that makes sense, the only people who will complain are those cranks in the “insane asylum” that is the interwebz!

    Anyways, catching up from last week’s debacle. “How you met my mom.” “How you met Lisa.” Kill me now, seriously. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact Batiuk writes dialogue where he constantly re-explains the most inane, established facts of the strip or the fact another book based on Lisa is going to be made. Also, wasn’t the Last Leaf supposed to be about how he met Cayla? Sounds like 95% of it will be about Lisa’s last days.

    I’m surprised he didn’t have Darrin spout off some useless expository dialogue about the band box today. “You know, the band box Funky, Harry and John took to be repaired last month.”

  14. Three panels of half-lidded eyes and smirks. The whole strip today is punchable.

    TFH–very sad about Phil Austin, I hadn’t heard about that. A great pity, someone who was actually funny is sorely needed these days.

  15. Epicus Doomus

    And once again Boy Lisa gets an appearance in an arc having nothing to do with him. Band box my ass.

  16. Professor Fate

    I’d like to think the little band box fellows got up to all sorts of horrible decadent things with Barbie dolls while they were away. It’s the romantic in me.

  17. John

    Darin: “A chance to work in Hollywood on a movie and potentially transform my life and take my family out of this crummy town and joke of a job? Never mind -that-, what -I- care about is the return of that crappy novelty that never worked!!!”

    Holly: “As you should.”