A Peck Before Lying

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Wow, talk about a pathetic waste of time, even more so than the usual Sunday strip. Apparently TomBan had a bunch of extra “Ominously Smirking Frankie” drawings lying around that he felt he needed to re-purpose, or perhaps he once again assumes his readers will forget the plot unless he drives it home over and over again for days on end. Either way the hackery just leaps off the page as the “story” (as it were) continues its inexorable death spiral into nothingness. What a sad-sack-sorry display.


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12 responses to “A Peck Before Lying

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Aww, now I gotta wait till next week to Cindy blow her stack…what a jip. Batty really knows how to stretch a story!

  2. spacemanspiff85

    It’s funny how Batiuk show the view on Frankie’s cell phone, even though it’s the same as the view the reader has. It shouldn’t be, since Frankie’s at a different angle.
    And I’m sure Batiuk meant this to be an innocent peck on the cheek, but having it last two panels make it really seem to be lasting a while. And that disgusting leer Mason has really makes it seem like he’s going to lay Marianne down and do her right in her mom’s front yard.

  3. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    What, is Evil Frankie invisible? In an invisible car? How do they not notice this guy who followed them, then parked in front of the house, and is sitting in the car with a cell phone??

    Major Movie Starlet Maryanne Hooterville lives with her mom, skillfully played by Holly Budd Wankerbean?

    Forced. Contrived. Batyuck.

  4. In the 21st century, this kind of crap would be easily brushed aside. Cindy would say, “That’s so kind of you!” and the producers would say “Human interest–in the age of digital spectacle. Starbuck Jones shows you that the human heart is still a prime target!”

    But we’re in the world of 1972, where all this can wreck the Starbuck Jones movie.

    Which is, let’s be honest, exactly what Tom Batiuk wants. The movie has NO CONNECTION at all to Les Moore, and that is what will be its doom.

    Good job in wrecking your legacy, Mr. Batiuk. You’ll be known as the George Lucas of the comic page.

  5. Well, he might be torching the franchise because he’s mired in the past but at least he’s leaving us with an interesting logic problem: “Who is worse? The person who spins a treacly human interest story into a sordid affair or the idiot greedily eating up the bullshit sandwich and asking for seconds?”

  6. Meanwhile, Frankie STILL has his finger on the camera button, which means he STILL hasn’t actually started recording anything.

  7. gleeb

    To put this into another perspective, at least it’s not a week’s worth of band turkey crap.

  8. hitorque

    1. Why does Batiuk insist on making Hollywood this fucking boring? STOP TRYING TO TRANSPORT WESTVIEW TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

    2. We’re never going to get an explanation on why Batiuk retconned Marianne from an A-list megastar hottie sexpot more famous than Masone with a reputation for seducing her co-stars into an “aw, shucks” smalltown humble nobody trying to make a name for herself who evidently takes the bus to the fucking studio and lives with her mom, are we? PROTIP: Actresses like that usually aren’t given the lead role in a $500 million-budgeted Hollywood blockbuster…

  9. hitorque

    3. Good on Frankie… He only needs 8-10 more lukewarm celebrity dirt videos to break even on his food truck investment…

    4. When Cindy finds out, PLEASE for the love of god tell me there’s going to be a jilted-lover murder-suicide… That’s the only proper way for this arc to end — Then as an epilogue to make Batiuk happy, the Starbuck Jones movie sweeps the Academy Awards and Les gets called on to make the acceptance speeches, since he’s the one who “knew Masone the best”…

  10. I think I’ve figured out BanTom’s artistic deficiency: apart from bricks, he can’t draw anything with a k sound in it, to wit: cars, cameras, kisses, stucco, California.


    Well, let’s give Frankie some credit here. There has to be some internet sex market for tame pecks on the cheeks by famous celebrities. He should be able to break even on the food cart, now.

  12. bayoustu

    I like how Frankie’s right hand is twice the size of his left in the last panel- like he’s some sort of human (-ish) fiddler crab. Of course, both his hands are dwarfed by his giant, giant head…