More Lips in This Strip Should Be Sealed

I’m a little more shocked that Crazy apparently has all of Butter Brinkel’s films on CD/DVD stacked up in what look to be jewel cases. And he’s just handing these rare treasures to Cindy stacked haphazardly, and not in a box or anything.
It’s pretty hilarious to me that Cindy is swearing Crazy to silence. I mean, why? You would think she’d want to build hype and buzz around her documentary. Is she afraid someone else is going to steal her idea? (Ha.) Or is she afraid this is going to damage her reputation? (Again, ha.)
By far the best/dumbest part of this strip, and the storyline as a whole- these “films” were apparently burned onto a CD or DVD. Meaning somehow Crazy either made digital files of them from the original film, or maybe a VHS release himself, which seems unlikely, or downloaded them off the internet somewhere. Meaning there’s literally no reason he couldn’t just have sent the files to Cindy directly, or barring that, made copies of the discs and mailed the discs to Cindy. I thought for sure it would turn out he somehow had the original theatrical reels of the movies, that would understandably be fragile, which would explain why Cindy had to spend thousands of dollars to fly cross-country. But yet again, I was giving Batiuk too much credit.


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21 responses to “More Lips in This Strip Should Be Sealed

  1. But, golly, doesn’t everyone want to go or go back to Ohio?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    They actually had to go to his house? These people video chat all the time, yet they NEVER ship things to one another. And why is her documentary a big secret? Is she afraid that throngs of old Butter Brinkle fans might beat her to the punch? What are the odds of that happening?

    • Jimmy

      One hopes the odds are pretty good.

      • Jimmy

        Sorry, originally read that as “beat her to a pulp.” I have disdain for just about every character.

        • Epicus Doomus

          Me too Jimmy, me too. There’s no reason why Cindy’s dumb documentary would need to be a big secret and on top of that, who would give a shit anyway? Westview’s thriving Butter Brickel fan community? The geeks on his online fan forum (

          And how did Crazy Harry manage to digitize old silent films from the 1920s? Old VHS tapes I can believe, but wouldn’t it be exceedingly difficult to copy those old-timey movies with the huge delicate reels, projectors, screens and such? He’s a former mailman who works at a comic book shop, when did he become a film archivist?

          And if they’re already on DVD why didn’t Crazy just bang out copies for Cindy and ship them to her? These people routinely use video chat, then fly across the country to personally pick up physical media. It’s totally bizarre.

    • Saturnino

      “What are the odds of that happening?”

      Anything is possible when the man-child makes his appearance

  3. billytheskink

    Oh, I get it! Crazy is sworn to silence because Brinkel was a silent film star!

    Wait no… that would be a way to put an actual joke in this strip, which is not what ever happens here at all.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Oh jeez, did a Batiuk gag actually just go over my head? It was bound to happen eventually.

      • billytheskink

        No, I just inferred the gag myself in a desperate attempt to believe this story arc is going to do something, anything more interesting than rehash the Fatty Arbuckle trial and try to convince folks that Crazy playing “Simon Says” is funny.

  4. Paul Jones

    It’s a stupid visual non-joke in response to a stupid demand related to an idiotic need for secrecy about a subject that no one cares about….or, as Batiuk calls it, “Friday.”

  5. Gerard Plourde

    “I wrote the bulk of it on my Lisa’s Trilogy book tour in 2017.”

    And it shows. Plot holes and contrived scenarios abound.

  6. Miskatonic Sophomore

    I prefer to think that Cindy is getting paranoid. She has sworn Crazy to silence because she’s worried about this transformative, amazing Butter Brinkel footage falling into the hands of her imagined competition. Next, she’ll be over at Montoni’s warning Funky not to serve Alex Gibney or Errol Morris if they “just happen to come in.”

    • Gerard Plourde

      That would be an interesting and potentially a rich plot scenario. Sadly, I think that’s not what’s in the offing.

  7. She’s going to need all that silent film footage to drag out 12 episodes of the new Netflix documentary “Butter on the Brink”.

  8. A normal person would see this as an excuse to visit family and friends, while incidentally borrowing films.

    Instead, we see someone fly across the country to borrow films, and family and friends aren’t even mentioned.


    • Jimmy

      Why the heck did Mason need to make the trip? I have a great marriage, but I don’t tag along when my wife is tending to business. That’s just weird.

      • Gerard Plourde

        I wonder if he forgot to tell Ayers that the dialogue anticipated Jessica making the trip with Cindy.

  9. Here’s a title for her: “Butter Brinkle: Bitter, Broken.”

  10. Professor Fate

    “I can’t believe you have all of Butter Brinkle’s Silent Films Crazy”
    Well gosh and golly, neither can I. There is nothing at all about Crazy’s character (or lack of it) that would suggest that he has ANY interest in silent films never mind those of a second teir Fatty Arbuckle until this very moment. Yes he did convert to VHS tapes of the sainted St Lisa the ever dying to DVD but to then suggest he’s got an interest in silent movies is a hell of long reach. And He’s already one would assume fully occupied with Flash comics , swilling coffee, his Starbuck Jones obsession, and the Tarzan strips with the Buck Rodger or some such toppers. That along with being married with a couple of kids (although for all I know they may have left town years ago) – that’s more than enough for anybody – to use Crazy here is alas another sad example of the failure of the author’s imagination.
    Normally I’d fuss about the films being apparently on DVD but honestly I’m pretty sure the Author didn’t bother to be specific and Ayers just went with well films are mostly on DVD these days.