Smirky Smirkybean

It is only at today’s strip where I finally realize the true meaning of Free Comic Book Day. I get it now. It’s not a day where free comic books are given out. No, it’s a rallying cry. A desperate plea. Comic Book Day must be freed from the clutches of these unbearable shmucks! Free Comic Book Day! And Free Holtron while we’re at it!

Also, Logan Church is here now. Such a sad turn for the once-accomplished business blogger. You could drive a semi-truck through her earrings.


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14 responses to “Smirky Smirkybean

  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s always amazed me how BatYak can find the boring side of everything, even the things he’s most passionate about. Today it’s a wordless single-paneler, a sure sign that the well is totally bone dry. I’ve always said that someday the strip will be nothing but the characters standing around doing nothing and here we are.

  2. Paul Jones

    It’s always rather depressing to have to see what Batiuk’s idea of the high life is. We’re meant to see swell people having done something impressive but it’s the same boring apes wasting another day doing something futile.

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    Dead Skunk Head John taking pictures of teenage kids. Huh. Go figure.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Logan Church, another one of Batty’s transracial characters…he always has his finger on the pulse.

    The savvy Logan Church, whose blog was picked up by ABC, isn’t too savvy, she just invested in this crappy business.

  5. sgtsaunders

    Comic Book Day was framed.

  6. billytheskink

    Looks like Atomik Komix’s titles are staying on the racks in droves.

  7. Usually the group photo is saved for the day after the writer has exhausted all possible combinations of jokes related to an arc, but in this case it’s only Tuesday, so we have four more days of content that our author needs to fill. Are we just going to see four more days of group photos of various combinations of characters? Maybe tomorrow Batton Thomas will take the camera and let Crazy Harry get in the photo, or maybe Holtron will take the camera and let all the humans get in the photo.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    Strips like this just absolutely baffle me, because it really does seem like Batiuk thinks these are beloved characters and his millions of readers will just find this heartwarming or something. Which is more insane than the usual drivel in this strip.

    • Paul Jones

      And when people ask “Which of these people is supposed to be Funky Winkerbean”, he’s being bullied…….

  9. When you’ve convinced yourself that you’re a sensitive genius who tackles the big issues head on, yet can also put a smile on your readers’ faces…at that point, all criticism just becomes wrong-thinking. The phrase “gone round the bend” comes to mind.

  10. Professor Fate

    Sigh – unless they are all taking a picture recording the moment they crushed Pete to death with the computer – there is no reason for this.

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    After several days on low energy snark at Comics Kingdom, things picked up today. It must be a single-panel Sunday filler on Tuesday woke us from the stupor.

  12. comicbookharriet

    Pedo smiles all around. What is Mason doing to Holtron!?