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Well, Crank My Shaft!

Whaaaaaa? and double Whaaaaaa? This week we’ve gone from time-wasting non-punchlines to jam-packed exposition and mind-melting comics crossovers! Where to begin? Here’s an old man named Ed, looking for his daughter, the “well-known Chris Crankshaft”? If she’s well known and has an outlandish last name like that, why does Ed have to wander Central Park asking the homeless to help “locate” her? I’m not a long-time reader of Crankshaft, and I understand that Ed is stubbornly old-school, but has he not heard of the Google?

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Chickens**t one day, chickens**t the next

And as quickly as it arises, the whiff of intrigue dissipates. Les’ reunion with Apple Annie Apple turns joyous, rather than confrontational. He recalls Annie the former she-hobo, clueless that she’s the one who has his lost manuscript stashed in her top drawer.

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