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Claim Jumpers

Oh hey, Mitchell Knox is unpleasant, who could have seen that coming. And he’s also overweight and bald, just like every other “bad collector” character Batiuk has had in this strip. I still really don’t get how or why Batiuk thinks some collectors are good and some are bad, but he clearly does.

It’s funny that Jessica just says “we were told” without any more details, and Mitchell doesn’t care at all about who told these strangers what he owns and where to find him, which is what my concern would be if I were him.


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Bottoming Out

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Holly really does have some awfully slender ankles, though. Much like with Montoni’s, Holly is kind of geometrically impossible. Ditto Funky’s “eyebrows”, which are very poorly rendered even by FW’s abysmally low standards. I think he should have replaced the word “holidays” with “decades”, but apparently that would have ruined the gag.


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Two Hundred And Forty Five Pounds And A Six-Pack To His Name

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Um, yeah. That Funky sure is fat. Still is, too. This really got tedious fast, you know? Like I said yesterday, “Funky is fat” isn’t the worst FW arc you can get, but it sure would help if the gags were, you know, funny or something. I do like Holly’s comma eyes in panel two, though, as comma eyes are rarely used properly, as they are here today.


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The Unbearable Heaviness of Brinkel

So we began and ended the week with a fat joke. Yep, this is how Emmy winning content gets made, folks….

Along with the flagrant retconning, jaw-dropping anachronisms, and slapdash draughtsmanship, the very sequencing of this week’s strips annoyed me so effin’ much that I’ve gone and rearranged them in logical order on their own page: sonofstuckfunky.com/the-butter-brinkel-story-corrected-for-continuity.

As Monday is the first of a new month (jeeze, it’s already July?) , your genial hosts here at SoSF don’t have the so-called luxury of being able to peep next week’s strips in advance. And Sunday’s strips are never available ahead of time, so don’t bother checking in around here until midnight Eastern (hopefully you’ve got better things to do on a Saturday night…I haven’t…) And heads up: stepping to the plate on Monday is none other than billytheskink! Billy has perhaps the broadest knowledge of Act I and Act II, and the ability to resurrect vintage strips, and shows a better grasp of continuity in the Funkivers than Thomas Martin Batiuk himself, and is handy with haiku. I salute him, along with @epicusdoomus, who manages the bullpen, and every guest author, past and present, over nine years of this blog, and most of all, you, the reader.


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A Butter Pie?

“How dare you?” is usually asked rhetorically, but in Battywood, it gets answered with a pie in the face. Comedy gold.

The draughtsmanship in today’s strip is nothing special. “Butter” Brinkel looks like a pre-dementia Bull Bushka, while his leading lady has a very contemporary look for an “old movie serial” actress. The film reel sprocket hole borders are a nice change from the usual photo album corners.


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Bench Depress

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Bad wordplay reigns supreme today (shocking, I know) as Fitness Girl continues to feed the Funk Man more straight lines, a trend I assume (sigh) will continue for at least the rest of the week. If we’re lucky. I likewise assume it’s only a matter of time before Batiuk draws a “correlation” between “curls” and “curly fries” (he can have that gag free of charge, BTW). I keep sort of hoping that Funky and Fitness Girl wind up running off together and Montoni’s goes under after Wally refuses to come out from under the back booth but I dunno, it seems like a longshot. Although he could (and has) do a lot worse. I’d really like to know a lot more about FG…who’s she married to, what kind of pizzeria and/or comic book store does he (or she, as the case may be) own and operate, how did his (or her) first wife die…you know, the FW basics. Although that’s probably asking a lot from a guy who hasn’t yet fleshed out characters he’s been using for forty-plus years.


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Spongiform Desires

Because today’s strip is about comical books, Mr. Oddnoc has enlisted perennial sophomores Owen and Cody to do the daily commentary. They will provide the puerile perspective and gravitas that Batominc bloviating about comic books warrants.

Cody: OMG, dude, I drew a better splash page when I was in first grade.

Owen: Totally! This Chester guy is pretty fat, even for an old guy.

Cody: Yeah, he must be, like, 30.

Owen: He’s got, like, double chins everywhere. Like, even on the back of his head.

Cody: Holy s——t, dude! Who’s that freaky kid? Why does his head come out of a sheet?

Owen: I think it’s supposed to be Chester. Look at all the chins!


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