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How Much Is That Dummy In The Window?

Does today’s strip really take place right after yesterday’s? Amicus and Wally left the box office window presumably just a few minutes prior to go bother the supervisor and in that short time Adeela has already been put on the 3:45 AM flight to Baghdad? I see nothing that really indicates otherwise except for Adeela’s speedy departure, so I guess we’re still in the middle of the night of Adeela’s arrest.

I suppose this was inevitable, though. Westview has seen several immigrant refugees move to town over the years, and none have wound up ultimately staying. Let’s look at their fates:

Lu Lin and Zhang Li – escaped detention in communist China for their role in student pro-democracy protests and opened The Jade Dragon, a Chinese restaurant, next to Montoni’s:

Kahn (or is it Khan?) – immigrated from war-torn Afghanistan, founded a deli, and even became a US citizen (despite having been a known Taliban-affiliated arms dealer):

Rana – orphaned by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan and the adopted by Wally and Lefty and raised in Westview by Lefty and DSH:

Bye, Adeela…


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And So It Begins

Link to today’s strip.

Good news, everyone!  We’re not going to have a week of airline jokes!

No, because it turns out that Funky has cancer!

I don’t know what to say about this one.   Probably something like–

  1. “Look, Mr. Batiuk, you didn’t get a Pulitzer award when you killed Lisa, and you’re not going to win one (or even be nominated) for killing off Funky.”
  2. “Mr. Batiuk, if you want to kill off one of your main characters, Les Moore is right there for the taking.  You could draw it out slowly.  Hell, I’d buy that volume.”
  3. “Why are all the professional people in your comics portrayed as callous and uncaring?   If that’s from a personal story, maybe you should tell that one.”

Personally, I have a feeling this isn’t going to amount to anything.  Probably Funky had a donut in his pocket, or someone spilled coffee on an x-ray…something along those lines.  Because the way this strip operates, nothing can ever change.  Les can never let go of Lisa.  The Starbuck Jones movie can never be finished.  The groan-a-day format is too deeply ingrained in this strip for anything to actually, you know, happen.

People have noted in previous comments how much Tom Batiuk seems to utterly, clutchingly despise Funky.   There isn’t a single regular character who gets as much concentrated vitriol as Funky; this must be especially perplexing to new readers, who can see in Les, Dinkle, DHS John, Darrin and many others, much more suitable targets for ire.

Bonus content!  Fearless Leader has done what I fell asleep trying to do–he’s found the Dallas Super Clinic!


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