Independence Day – Resurgence

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So, as some commentors have noted, isn’t a Batiukian aberrance like “Fakebook” or “Fleabay” but an actual crowdfunding site, so I’m not sure what they’ve done–good or bad–to fall under Tom Batiuk’s scrutiny.   A quick visit to their website and to their Wikipedia page shows that they’re mostly involved with technology, and have had a certain degree of success in that area.

They don’t seem to do much on artistic stuff, though.  Didn’t see any musicians or bands in their catalogue of successes, though to be honest I, in a Batiukian mood*, didn’t really dig very far.   Given the focus of this strip, with its childhood wish-fulfillment arcs and real-life shout-outs to obscure pals, it would not surprise me to learn that Indiegogo helped out some personage from Tom Batiuk’s past and he felt the need to give them a bit of grudging credit.

Either that, or, what appears most obvious, they paid him to run an ad.   (Eyes heavenward) It pains me sore to think that Tom Batiuk might have stooped to commercial considerations, rather than stumble evermore upon the “awards” path.

*That should definitely be the title for the second Bedside Manorisms’ CD – “In a Batiukian Mood.”  Can you just see the frowning tiki sculptures on the cover, along with a thoughtful Les Moore portrait and titles like “Sleeping Cancerous Village,” “Carcinomica,” “Seaside Melancholy,” “Running Along the Shore But Hating It,” “Don’t Mind the Tumors,” and of course, the focus of the whole LP, “Pulitzer Award Ceremony Anticipation.”




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13 responses to “Independence Day – Resurgence

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Geez, I didn’t even consider the possibility this might be a plug. I can’t imagine ANYONE would PAY for a plug in FW, unless they gave him a buck and said “twenty five cents a reader” or something. I like the “he knows someone who used it” theory, definitely more Batiukian.

    “Independent”…the first thing that always comes to mind when thinking about nursing home residents. Hopefully their next move is to dump their useless and woefully uninformed “conductor”, who doesn’t seem to know much of anything lately. When you’re setting up punchlines for Pa Bean your run is just about over IMO.

  2. billytheskink

    Dinkle won’t like this “independent” talk much, as he has long considered the members of his bands to be his subjects.

  3. I have backed a couple indiegogo things, actually, and one of them is a guy bringing his record to actual physical real-world production. But I was stunned that the strip used a real actual name for a web thing that it’s really actually used for.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    Indiegogo does host crowdfunding campaigns for creative works. Albums, independent films and (SURPRISE!!) comics and graphic novels are among the projects.

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    The recent depictions of Dinkle make me suspect that Dick Cheney is a buddy of the artist!

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Allright! I’ve had just about enough sass out of this group today! Everyone drop and give me twenty!”

  7. Normal people would admire their initiative but Dinkle isn’t normal. He’s a power-hungry monomaniac who let his life pass him by because his obsessive need to be the center of attention is why he’s just now getting to know his children. He’s not going to know what a non-band related website is any more than he’s going to like not being in charge of everything.

  8. ryokomayuka

    I think more gofundme or Kickstarter but at least they are referencing it correctly. I will say that indiegogo is one that I do not hear much of.

  9. louder

    Wonder how much it would cost to get BatHack to write something funny? The mind reels…

  10. bobanero

    I contributed to two indiegogo’s this year for CD projects, so yes, that’s a thing. What’s puzzling is why “indiegogo” is the subject of his perseveration this week, and where he’s going with it. There’s not really a lot of humor that can be extracted from this, especially since the entire process has already happened behind the scenes. He is of course overlooking the fact that setting up an indiegogo project is actually a lot of work. You need at minimum an introductory video and a set of premiums that are offered for various contribution levels, maybe a signed CD for $25, an autographed bedpan for $100, etc.

    • comicbookharriet

      I have a feeling what put the BM band over the top was offering a grab bag of unlabeled medication skimmed from the nurses for 5 dollars.