Mort-uary Madness

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Holly’s thousand yard stare into the middle distance is absolutely haunting today. If she actually managed to look at her son, she would realize that he seems to have de-aged about ten years.

It’s also seemed strange at first that Funky has pulled up a wooden chair rather than sit on the couch with his father. But then again, I wouldn’t want to be sitting on anything contiguous with my father’s loins when discussing carnal matters. Also Funky is probably afraid of getting crabs.

Looks like the rest of the week will be this conversation between two doughy-faced doppelgangers barely differentiated by hair color. Yay. My booze budget will be through the roof.


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23 responses to “Mort-uary Madness

  1. billytheskink

    Even Greg Evans thinks this is creepy…

    • hitorque

      Actually, Evans is saying: “Nobody, and I mean NOBODY on God’s green Earth can out-squick the Master! Which one of my storylines shall I pull out from the BLACK FOLDER?? Guenther has nightmares and has to sleep in between his pervert mommy and deviant new stepdaddy-who-still-doesn’t-have-a-first-name? Prudence explains to Luann and Mrs. DeGroot what a ‘lesbian’ really is, and exactly why she still hasn’t moved out? Luann bumps into her brother Bwad at the nudist resort? Luann takes pity on a pimple-faced 14-year-old loser and decides to be his temporary girlfriend to build up his confidence? I got a million of ’em, folks!!”

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The strip’s randiest and most fun-loving character is an Alzheimer’s patient in a nursing home. Batom is a sick guy and his stupid strip has always had a weird maudlin bent to it but geez, this is repellent even by FW standards. I mean Morty is either an incorrigible randy old coot or he’s near death, it can’t be both. But then again, in the Funkyverse the dead routinely come to life and hang out at charity auctions and such so maybe Morty really IS both a dementia patient AND a peppy old geezer just full of life.

  3. It really astounds me that anyone could conceive a storyline like this and think it’s so great, it just has to be worked into a couple of weeks of strips (if we’re lucky).

    I just can’t imagine what Funky is going to say. “Dad, you know about the birds and the bees, right? Well, it’s time for me to tell you about the real story….”

  4. erdmann

    Recently, the question of whether Wally is Funky’s cousin of nephew was answered. Maybe this week we’ll learn how Funky can be Mort’s son when he appears to be the same age (if not a couple years older).

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    This is unfortunately just one example of Comics Kingdom needing to apply some editorial quality control to its product. This strip has been stale for a very long time and as we have all pointed out over the years, it is clear that Batiuk is just mailing it in.

    • comicbookharriet

      How long was A3G a nightmarish clip show on a nonsensical plot? The last few years of that strip was like reading a hastily pasted together ransom note. Comics Kingdom has about as much quality control as southeast asian airlines.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    This is yet another Ayers-illustrated arc. Knowing that TomBa works at least a year in advance I’m beginning to wonder if Burchett quit and we’re getting work that TomBa created for his own purpose but didn’t initially intend to publish.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      Good point. It could be that Batiuk got jealous of Burchett being a 2-time Eisner Award winner and fired him.

  8. Paul Jones

    Funky: Dad…we need to talk.

    Mort: Is it about the robot that keeps yelling “END! END!” every five seconds?

  9. Gerard Plourde

    I just saw his November 25 blog post of an old John Darling strip. It appears that this isn’t the first time he’s dabbled in borderline NSFW.

  10. Rusty

    Boy, John Darling was a hideous wall of text. Classic Batiuk.

  11. bayoustu

    As a youngster, I was always impressed with the caricatures/likenesses Tom Armstrong drew in John Darling. It saddens me greatly to think he now devotes his talent to a comic strip centered around feces, feces, and yet more feces. “Marvin”?- heck, why not just rename the strip “Feces Funnies” and be done with it?!

  12. hitorque

    Seriously, I’m missing the joke of “LOL my 85-year-old is a horny pervert who likes groping senile elderly women who think he’s some kind of volunteer doctor!”

  13. The Dreamer

    you can guess where this arc is leading. Morty doesn’t listen to Funky (oh forgets) and gets the deed done with one of the young nurses. Leading to Funky getting a new little brother (little Funky) that he has to raise as his son