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Tread Reckoning

Can someone explain to me how the gag in today’s strip differs from this gag from four months ago?

Ok, it’s from a different visual angle. Really though, it’s bad enough that TB goes to the “Funky Goes to the Gym in Vain” well over and over again; must he also recycle the jokes themselves?


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Overdo Me

Perhaps feeling at last remorseful for having worked him so hard, Fitness Girl feigns concern for Funky’s well-being, even patting his flabby, sweating back as she sets up today’s punchline.



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Stretching the Truth

After summertime stops in such locales as Hollywood, San Diego, and Centerville, the Funky Train has returned to familiar Westview. Today’s stop: the Fitness Center, where once again Funky endures the scorn of his still-nameless trainer, whom we call Fitness Girl.

These Fitness Girl arcs get me to wondering where Mr. “Write What You Know” works out. Maybe at the Medina Tone Fitness Center (motto: “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever”)? I mainly wonder because of the way he draws fitness equipment: Funky is ensconced in what looks like a giant infant swing.  His submissive attitude in panel 3, under Fitness Girl’s disdainful gaze, infantilizes him further still. Here is a guy who at least tries to get fit: we see him run–well, jog; play tennis, and put up with this sneering witch of a “personal trainer.” He should be looking and feeling a little better, but Batiuk persists in portraying him as an elderly, hapless schlub.


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The Fickle Hand Of Fat

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I don’t know what it would take to find Funky’s “core” although a wetsuit, thick rubber gloves and some type of breathing apparatus would probably be advisable. I do know that if he tries to lie on that ball like Fitness Girl is doing, that gym is going to have quite a lawsuit (and possibly some structural issues with the floor) on their hands. And another shuttered business is the last thing that town needs.

Still, I actually mustered up a weak chuckle at Funky’s creepy leering today, thus this one is in the lead for “funniest of 2014” so far. Still a lot of room in that category, by the way. Poor Fitness Girl, whatever they’re paying her at that gym, it isn’t enough. At least he’s isn’t sweating all over her today.


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The Longest Forty-Something Years In The History Of Years

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Gotta hand it to Batiuk today. I would have thought that this “fatwad goes to the gym” arc would have played itself out after a panel or two but here it is, Thursday, and it’s still as fresh and hilarious as it was on Monday. Granted, the bar was set rather low……

Oh, hold on a second. At first glance I thought that was Mephistopheles himself, about to summon Funky on down to eternal damnation and all. But nope, it’s just a cynically smirking Fitness Girl wildly arching her eyebrows, presumably in bemused disgust at Funky’s pathetic punchline. I hear that, FG. But better be careful making those faces, if she gets stuck like that she’ll be banished from everywhere BUT Westview and no one wants that.


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The Treadmill To Nowhere

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Obesity, rapid aging, coronary issues, weird skinny legs and crippling malasie…these are “nagging little injuries”, Funky Winkerbean style. That sounds about right. And sorry Fitness Girl, but your “meal ticket” is in fact that pizza place down the road that’s stuffing the local kids full of stale leftover glop before they even get to school in the morning. That’s what the local mortician calls Montoni’s too, by the way.

The joke doesn’t even make sense. Fitness Girl isn’t a doctor or a physical therapist, so how would a rash of tennis-related injuries possibly benefit her? And what the hell is Funky babbling about? Tennis? Oh, that one time many years ago when he stood around a tennis court with Les and complained about something? Come on, be serious.


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