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"Kil" Me Now

I know “it’s called writing”, but TB’s been doing a lot of it this week: once again today we’re treated to a first panel jam packed with Funky’s exposition.

Anybody who happened to read this September interview with Tom Batiuk already sees where this is going (spoiler alert!):

Without giving too much away, are there any more “big events” planned for the cast…?

TB: Sure! There are a bunch of big events, inside and outside of the strip…the girls’ basketball team is going to be vying for the State Championship…In the middle of the year, Les and Summer are going to climb Kilimanjaro.

This tells us that Funky’s improbable raffle idea will succeed (of course!)  in saving Scapegoat athletics, and also that TB’s avatar Les will be making a Kili expedition, just as TB did in February 2010. Hopefully Summer’s bum knee will hold up!

Wishing my readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving! –TFH

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Gah! While we’re waiting to find out who’s calling Les on the White Courtesy Phone, TB “treats” us to another of Tony Montoni’s wacky holiday postcards. On the plus side, at least this time Tony is not posing in old lady drag. The downside? He’s showing us his legs. Are those the reflections of Florida palms on the water, or is it the lingering residue from last spring’s oil rig disaster?

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I Want My “M.T.V.”


Right. Two sixty- or seventy-somethings give a rat’s ass about “M.T.V.”

The unseen fourth panel depicts Purple Hat Lady and Tony re-enacting the famous scene in “From Here to Eternity“.

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Tar Har Har


Batiuk’s attempt to make lemonade out of real-life disaster continues to leave a sour taste. Doonesbury did a terrific job with these events, taking aim at BP as well as at the White House. TB uses the spill as an excuse for more lame wordplay and, of course, smirks.

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