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The Little Tramp!

I kind of like the wordless emotions conveyed by the character in today’s strip, but then again, I’ve always liked Charlie Chaplin…


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School’s Out for Summer

I thought “the kibosh” had been put on everything yesterday, but the stupidest story arc in FW history continues with today’s expositionfest.

It stands to reason that since Summer and Keisha arrived at KSU a month after classes began, that they’d be coming home a month after they’ve ended. Les regales the girls with a rehash of the last two months of strip “action” (oh, wait: he left out “Your half-brother Darin is going to be the birth father of his wife John Darling’s daughter Jessica’s daughter”).


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Script? Sure

$$$Westview Oncologist$$$
April 10, 2013 at 9:09 am
Let’s play “The Price is Right”. How much do you think the dollar amount is on this douchebag’s check?

Well, if it’s enough to pay a year’s tuition at Kent times two, it’s gotta be at least $18,692. “Ann also says I get to write the first script.” I’m pretty sure that Ann says that just to mollify your massive ego, which will then be crushed once “the producers in Hollywood” bring in some real scriptwriters to do the job.


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I will pass along to Coach “Bull” Bushka something that one of my own high school (music) teachers told me:

“Hey, when yer playin’ pocket pool, keep yer eye on the ref, he’s a real jerkoff!”

“How are Summer Keisha and doing at Kent?” As of today…3-24.


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Every Kick Begins with Cayla

O.B. Dan
December 28, 2012 at 12:56 am
Is it just me, or does anybody else see that Cayla has put a little edge on since she married The Grounded One?

Since her “best thing that ever happened to me moment” last fall, Cayla has seemed kinda cranky, as the enormity of the mistake she made in marrying Les has begun to set in. Today she lets slip that Les is not her first choice to spend New Year’s Eve with, before regaining her composure in panel 3 and offering a weak apology. Is Les offended? Not at all: he’s already got a date for when the clock strikes twelve


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Neither Ballin' Nor Callin'

Beanie Wanker
December 26, 2012 at 9:47 am
Speaking of [Kent State], do you think BatDreck remembers sending Slumber and Kareesha there? Or did he quietly shitcan that idea after we pointed out that team is something like 2-34?

Our first glimpse of Summer and Keisha as college ‘ballers is a bit of a letdown. We’ve become so accustomed to our girls leading the team, not riding the pine. It’s rather surprising, too, that Kent State’s “Golden Flashes” wear such drab white/black unis. Les tries to relieve the boredom of having to watch other people’s daughters on the court by recalling how he and Cayla met. Cayla, however, is still unable to get beyond Keisha’s perceived slight, and for the second day in a row she earns the stink-eye from Les.

Epicus Doomus
December 27, 2012 at 12:30 am
Les, though, is as intriguingly expressive as ever. What’s he thinking there in panel three? It looks almost as if he’s amused in some sort of smug, all-knowing way. He’s the king of the difficult-to-interpret half-smirk/half-sneer, or “snirk”, if you will. Such a dick.

Yes, always.

Just found out that The Complete Funky Winkerbean: Volume 2, 1975-1977 drops on February 8th and is available for pre-order on Amazon! Something to live for, huh friends?



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The Child Is Father to the Man

Well, we let him get away with it yesterday, but Batiuk goes back to the well again today to try and wring a little more pathos outta Pop. Today’s comic is perhaps notable because it’s the only time that I know of where we’ve seen Funky’s mother, a rather nondescript needlenosed and chinless Batiuk female.


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I a-Door You

Even with the luxury of having time to ponder today’s comic…I really don’t know what to say. My own kids are a couple few years shy of college age, but as teens, they (a boy and a girl) have no qualms about public displays of affection with their old dad. Say what you will about Les (and you do), he’s done all right by his kid, which is more than you can say for absentee dad Funky. So why must she ensure that no one see her hugging her father goodbye? So weird.

*Seeing Beetle Bailey and Popeye instead of Les and Funky? Click here.

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I Kent Believe It

Looks like Cayla’s elbow convinced Les not to skip the orientation, which is being conducted by a ferret-faced refugee from a 1950’s Virgil Partch cartoon.

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Cutting Remark

“Cutting”, huh? Now there’s a serious topic that TB could use as Pulitzer bait. Oh, we’re not talking about self-harm? I suppose Summer and Keisha are a little too perfect to indulge in that (no doubt Chien was into it though! This chick too, probably). No, Les is talking about “cutting” “that parent/student orientation meeting” in favor of hanging in the girls’ dorm eating snacks.  Because Les is Mister Kent State; he and his daughter(s) don’t need no steenking orientation. The looks he’s getting from Cayla get dirtier each day. Not too late to call off that front-yard wedding, sweets!

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