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Just back from a business trip and frankly cannot muster the energy to snark on today’s strip…have at it!



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I will pass along to Coach “Bull” Bushka something that one of my own high school (music) teachers told me:

“Hey, when yer playin’ pocket pool, keep yer eye on the ref, he’s a real jerkoff!”

“How are Summer Keisha and doing at Kent?” As of today…3-24.


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Buckets of Lame

Linda is on a roll this week, isn’t she, folks? Apparently, since Sum’ Mo’ and Special K moved up to Kent State (currently 3-23), the Lady Scapegoats have reverted to their own losing ways. Linda comes out with yet another idiotic idiom that no one’s ever used. Cayla gamely provides the straight line here, trying to make sense of what Linda means by “empty the bucket time”.  I was kinda hoping she meant the old Harlem Globetrotters bit…now that’s funny!


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…Said Nobody, Anywhere, Ever

February 26, 2013 at 7:27 pm
…in contrast to Les, [Linda’s] appearances don’t really do anything. At least with Les you have this often hilarious negative reaction. With Linda, it’s much more tiresome, with the primary reaction usually being boredom.

Holy Toledo, am I starting to hate, hate this comic strip. Having failed to get laughs yesterday with a stroke gag, Batiuk ratchets up the level of discomfort considerably  by equating the away team’s “good state of mind” and competitive spirit with… hemorrhagic fever?


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OK, two things: Fred’s stroke took place six weeks ago. In “strip time”, it’s probably been even longer, as he’s recuperated sufficiently to move back home. So Fred’s stroke should be news to no one. Yet Cayla blankly asks “Where’s Ann tonight?” Linda doesn’t even take her eyes off the court to answer. “Ann’s husband…you know, Fred? Fred Fairgood? The former principal of the high school where you work? Your husband’s former colleague? Fred? Had a stroke.” Batiuk tops off this clunky dialogue parfait with a delicious dollop of stroke humor: “I always thought my ineffectual, incoherent, useless husband would be rendered even more ineffectual, incoherent, and useless by a stroke, and sooner rather than later.”


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Waiting on the Levy

We finally leave behind the music educators convention to get back to something we all know and loathe: Les, Cayla and perennial third wheel Linda taking in a girls’ women’s basketball game. Aaaaand we get the annual school levy begathon. “If the new school levy doesn’t pass”, I think Westview’s staff would be worse than “decimated”…do they even have ten teachers?


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Neither Ballin' Nor Callin'

Beanie Wanker
December 26, 2012 at 9:47 am
Speaking of [Kent State], do you think BatDreck remembers sending Slumber and Kareesha there? Or did he quietly shitcan that idea after we pointed out that team is something like 2-34?

Our first glimpse of Summer and Keisha as college ‘ballers is a bit of a letdown. We’ve become so accustomed to our girls leading the team, not riding the pine. It’s rather surprising, too, that Kent State’s “Golden Flashes” wear such drab white/black unis. Les tries to relieve the boredom of having to watch other people’s daughters on the court by recalling how he and Cayla met. Cayla, however, is still unable to get beyond Keisha’s perceived slight, and for the second day in a row she earns the stink-eye from Les.

Epicus Doomus
December 27, 2012 at 12:30 am
Les, though, is as intriguingly expressive as ever. What’s he thinking there in panel three? It looks almost as if he’s amused in some sort of smug, all-knowing way. He’s the king of the difficult-to-interpret half-smirk/half-sneer, or “snirk”, if you will. Such a dick.

Yes, always.

Just found out that The Complete Funky Winkerbean: Volume 2, 1975-1977 drops on February 8th and is available for pre-order on Amazon! Something to live for, huh friends?



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