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Wake Me Wendy War is Over

For once, I can at least give you all a preview of today’s strip, gleaned from the “Pipeline” of Batiuk’s blog. Just picture this illustration colored in…hell, color it in yourself, it might land you a new career! Picture the “Funky Winkerbean” header at the top, with Ruby’s or Mindy’s smug, disembodied head alongside the logo. Superimpose “Wayback Wendy” in huge, distorted digital type, across the top of the cover, and don’t forget the Atomik Komix “fallout shelter” in the upper left. At the bottom, throw in a single, round panel showing Mindy and Ruby congratulating each other on the success of their brilliant joint production. Lastly, give a “tip of the Funky Felt Tip” to the artist (not a woman) who contributed the artwork.

Update: Yeah, so I was wrong…rather than a sideway Sunday comix cover, only a portion of the artwork above is used. Unless Batiuk “disappears” Ruby, now that she’s served her purpose, maybe down the road it’ll get the full Atomik Komix treatment. –TFH


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Perfectly Stupid

Buckeye Feculence
September 6, 2019 at 8:55 am
Yes, there has been a noticeable U-turn in the Funkyverse of late. Previously people’s efforts seemed mostly to end up in failure and disappointment. Now characters seem to succeed without much effort, experience, or training.

(A “perfect” summary of This Week in Funky Winkerbean:)

An so, in that way that things have of just working themselves out in the Funkiverse, Ruby Lith returns to comics (or are comics returning to her?), and Mindy adds de facto writer to her resume, right below de facto colorist.

And now there’s no bathroom in the Atomik office? But Jessica recently complained that the bathroom there were never clean. Rather than call out TB for another lapse, let’s suppose that there is a bathroom in the office; Pete just doesn’t want to have to share it with this old crone.


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Draw, You Varmint

September 4, 2019 at 1:39 am
I’m gonna guess that Batiuk’s plan is for Ruby to be soooo inspired that this WOMAN is making a WOMAN comic character and they’ll do a collab comic because something something feminism something something give Batiuk an award.

No awards, though, for the many of you who saw this turn of events coming from a mile away. Despite the little “surprise lines” emanating from her Commie cap, Ruby Lith, too, knows this is destiny, and was only dropping Darin’s name to be polite.


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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Writer

My boyfriend Pete“? Hopefully, this signals that Mindy regained her senses after the county fair, and decided she wasn’t going to settle for an “engagement tiger.” While it’s been established that R. Lith is a “seasoned” professional, who paid her dues in the comics industry (and lived to kvetch about it at length), Mindy accidentally landed her colorist gig, and has been on the job just over a year. And the two have been acquainted for all of one afternoon over coffee. What exactly is it that makes Ruby think that Mindy would be a better writer than the famous Pete Reynoldberts?


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Ruh-roh, Retro

Rude! Ruby spies a notebook on Mindy’s desk and, without so much as a by your leave, brings it to her nose like a student sniffing a freshly mimeo’d exam paper. What I smell, readers, is another sideways Sunday comix cover. Not because we here at Team SoSF have the “superpower” to (sometimes) peep strips ahead of time, but because batty Batiuk teased this one in the blog back in January.


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“This here is called a com-pew-ter, see?” Having introduced her new pet to the rest of the staff, Mindy shows Ruby her workstation, where she “does her coloring” on what appears to be a circa-early-oughts Apple Display, painted battleship gray. “The colors never dry out,” explains the woman who nine months ago didn’t know what Dr. Martin’s was.


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La-bore Day

While we’re waiting for today’s strip to drop, I’d like to add my kudos to the many kudos directed at comicbookharriet for taking Batiuk to the woodshed on a daily basis for the last three (!) weeks, and in the process, educating all of us about some real-life women heroes of the comics.


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