The Meekness Monster

Women sure love shopping and nagging their husbands, amirite?
Today’s strip knows what I’m talkin’ about!
So, what’s the deal with airline food?

This is how we close six loooooooooooong days of debate about whether or not to take a free trip offer from a movie star… with gags that were pre-historic even when trilobites ruled the Earth. TB could at least give a tip of the Hatlo Hat Funky Felt-Tip to the tens of thousands of comic artists who have used this material before and much much better than he has here.



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27 responses to “The Meekness Monster

  1. William Thompson

    If Shakespeare had tackled this subject, he would have made sure all the blame went to Bacon.

  2. billytheskink

    Les with the invisible saucer trick in panel 1. So, what? He’s a magician now?

  3. William Thompson

    I can’t wait for these two to meet Jason Marre and have him praise Les for his heroism.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Quarter inch from reality-wives just want to spend their husbands’ money and nag them. Nice, Batiuk. Oh wait, also when you’re in high school the cute blonde ones won’t date you, no matter how much you stare at them. Almost forget that.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Women…the bane of Les’ existence. If they aren’t dying on him they’re living up to every gender stereotype from 1955. But hey, someone has to keep those dying mid-central Ohio shopping malls in business.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    Les, who can’t resist an opportunity to employ a demeaning put-down, is feeling “overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame”? Not likely.

    Also, in line with billytheskink’s observations, it appears that the invisible saucer in the first panel is a spoon.

    And, just to wrap this installment up so he can get back to his comics collection, TomBa reaches back into unfunny’50s stereotypes of wives for his punchline.

    • billytheskink

      Yes the spoon handle juts out to the left from Les’ grip, as one would expect, but the cup to the right is resting on nothing but Cayla’s lavender sweater. Ayers confused the colorist by forgetting to put a line between Les’ arm and the cup to represent the edge of the saucer.

      • William Thompson

        I had to study the third panel to realize that the “spoon handle” is the upper part of a napkin. That’s less nauseating than my first thought, which was that Les’s uncontrollable onanism had distorted his anatomy beyond any semblance of humanity.

  6. Doghouse Reilly

    Or course, all the stores in Ohio malls in mid-January are stocked to the rafters with warm-weather clothing suitable for a sunny L.A. afternoon. And besides, who even shops in malls these days?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Well, it gets down into the low forties at night, upper 60s during the day. So not sure what those idiots think they need to get.

      Funny thing is that we’ve been having a warm winter in Ohio, it might hit 67 today…so we might even be warmer than LA today.

  7. Paul Jones

    One wonders what Dick Facey assumed that she was going to wear. Okay, one does NOT wonder. One assumes that Les can’t even begin to understand what women want and why they want it.

    • William Thompson

      Remember, Creepy Les is the same guy who replaced his old brown suit with an identical new brown suit. His idea of a major change in wardrobe is to drop his piss-yellow shirt for a Ty-D-Bowl blue number. Cayla is lucky that they didn’t meet when they were kids, or he’d insist she still wear pigtails and a pinafore.

  8. William Thompson

    Does Creepy Les realize that his wife has her own job with her own paycheck? Does he realize she can pay for her own wardrobe? No, he doesn’t realize it because Batiuk doesn’t remember his own background for this strip. Or is part of the background “A woman and all she has belongs to her husband, and she must seek his approval to spend any money?” No wonder Summer and Keisha hate to come home. They’re afraid Daddy Dearest will force them into concubinage with whatever rich Hollyweirdos he networks with.

  9. Nobody else here thought “meeked” sounded weird? I was unable to find it in Webster’s, but it is defined at urbandictionary.comsix times. Here’s my favorite:

    To provoke someone and then get fucked up and become a laughing stock.
    “Damn Bruh, You just got meeked”

    • billytheskink

      I’d actually give TB major kudos if he was intending to use one of the Urban Dictionary definitions. But we know he didn’t, because he’s TB…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Batty loves to try to show off his knowledge of obscure words. I did this once in high school thinking it would boost my grade. I got a D with the words “nice thesaurus work, try again”

    • Epicus Doomus

      I assumed it was slang from the 1930s or something.

    • William Thompson

      Over on CK, Justifiable came up with an obsolete form of “to meek” that means “to train a horse to be steady and controllable in battle.” He didn’t see how it applied to Les. Neither end of that horse can control itself under any conditions.

  10. Count of Tower Grove

    Caucayla has her own income, Less. It’s not costing you a cent. Go to the mall? Sheesh! Who goes to a mall? Go to the Mega-Lo Mart.

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    “A little meeked.” Oh the Lard of Langwidge has done it again!

  12. Gerard Plourde

    I had no idea that the term originated in Rap music. Who’d have thought that it would get on TomBa’s radar?

    The definition below the one you shared is amazingly apropos for Les. “When an apparent bully loses a battle in public to his victim that was initially perceived as weak.”

    Does TomBa dislike Les as much as we do?

  13. Banana Jr. 6000

    Does the presence of Mason Jarre’s simian-looking head in the SOSF banner mean we’re not going to spend all of next week at the mall with Cayla picking out new clothes? Or just part of it?

  14. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Batty doesn’t like Crayola much, does he? She came off looking a bit self centered and greedy this week.

    “Why can’t we go to LA??”

    “We have jobs and responsibilities here. And he never said why we’re supposed to drop everything. We don’t put our lives on hold just because some self-absorbed Hollywood Movie Actor says so.”

    “If we don’t go, it will kill me.”

    “I have lesson plans, and exams are coming up.”

    “Substitutes will picket our house. Probably burn Taj MOORE Hal to the ground with us trapped inside.”

    “Nate read me the Riot Act last time I vanished for a month. I’m on thin ice.”

    “I’m leaving you for Nate if we don’t go. And I’ll whoop your butt on the way out.”

    “Okay. I’m meeked. We’ll go.”

    “YaY! Buy me clothes!”


  15. Oh, Cayla wants to shop! Wimmen, amirite? I’m Tom Batiuk and I’m here interminably.