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Nocturia. Who’s There?

Is Funky’s physician’s office right next door to the gym? As did the fitness arc back in May, this one winds up with a doctor visit. And like Fitness Girl, the doctor (not only nameless, but seemingly a different person every visit) serves merely as a foil, a sounding board for Funky’s perpetual woe.

Sort of off-topic, but not…here’s a really original way to get attention for your cause: Man Rolls Giant Testicle Across America to Raise Cancer Awareness


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Black Dahlisa

Props to anyone who gets the obscure Hollywood reference in today’s strip! I will be out of town this evening but will leave this up as a placeholder for snarkers far funnier than I!

Back from my trip! Let’s see how Les’s arc played out with the Sunda– are you kidding me!? Cody and Owen?! What about the arc we just suffered through for the last 6 days!? There was no resolution at all! The Series Finale to Alf had better closure.


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The Eternal Question

Link To Today’s Strip

Yes, whenever one is advised You need to start exercising or You need to change your diet, the question is always, “Okay, but when can I stop?”

I guess it’s akin to You need to put jokes in your comic strip about young adults.  “Okay, but when can I stop?”

Today’s offering is nowhere near as good as those earlier in the week, but there is one positive aspect I’d like to point out.  It’s this:

You’re probably thinking that there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about it…and I agree.  It’s what isn’t there that’s interesting.  Think how easy it would be to turn that panel into this:

It took me about a minute (which is why it’s so shoddy).  Tom Batiuk has been doing stuff like this for ten years or so; it’d have been easy for him to toss out something like that.  Really easy.

Something to ponder on–something to stay the hand when it reaches out innocently for the whitened pebble, the veined stone, the dead, unmoving rocks of our planet.


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