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Conversion Therapy

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September 7, 2015 at 11:30 pm
Crazy Harry, the downsized mailman from her Dad’s peer groups, is the one to digitize these tapes? The man who works in a comic shop, worships 1950s Bandboxes, and seems to have all disparage for any technology beyond 1975?

So many questions! Here’s mine: has Summer even approached Crazy Harry about “converting these tapes to video” (and you mean “converting to digital”, sweetie; they’re already video)?  Or does she plan on just strolling into the Komix Korner with the Sacred Box o’ Tapes and bid Crazy get busy? Readers know that this box–and it’s just one box, not a steamer trunk?–contains hour upon hour of Lisa lectures: is Crazy Harry getting paid for this task? “Psh!” says Les. “Are you kidding?” Who would decline such an honor? He’ll do it and be damn glad about it too!


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Digitally Yours

bad wolf
September 6, 2015 at 10:45 pm
Hmm, i wonder where this is leading?
Chance Summer will talk Les into moving on with his life: 1%
Chance Les will talk Summer into maintaining weird obsession: 99%

Yeah, lest you start thinking that Batiuk or his characters were ready at last to move on…Summer’s not tossing those tapes, oh no; she’s preserving them digitally! Wouldn’t want wee Skyler Fairgood to go through life without his ghostly grandmother’s guidance.


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Debasement Tapes

You might have expected that a teacher’s car being vandalized on school grounds would be the beginning of A Very Special FW Arc. Instead, we get the ever-more-masculine Summer Moore making her first appearance in six months, Looks like Westviewians are as slapdash at packing boxes as they are at applying Scotch tape.


…asks Les, expositionally (and wouldn’t he refer to “Lisa” as “your Mom” to Summer?). Her response nearly triggers a coronary in Les: Summer dispassionately states she’s throwing them away, implying a blasphemy second only to opening a slabbed comic book.


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Surprise Reprise

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Today Batom inexplicably repeats the (ahem) “big reveal” for no apparent reason other than to reaffirm its cleverness to himself, I guess. Or maybe he just assumes that his regular readers are so stupid that they’ll forget JD’s last words unless they’re hammered into their brains repeatedly. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s a total hack who couldn’t think of a better way to end this ponderous story without resorting to mindless meandering and pointless repetition. I personally think it’s a little bit of all three.

And JD, I think everyone would be surprised if Jessica takes up chess. Very, very surprised. Almost as surprised as I’ll be if this arc doesn’t end on an even more nauseating note than it struck today.



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The Princess Snide

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Uh no, Jessica. Unlike you, your mother shot footage that actually turned out to be useful to someone, even if it was only you. Unless she meant it as a self-deprecating remark about how much she (Jessica) sucks at film making, in which case bleh, tell us something we don’t know. Either way, chalk it up as just another failed TomBat “joke”, pure word balloon filler. I assumed he’d have them ponder and/or actually retrieve the videos for a day or two but nope, it’s wham-bam-thank you, man, for not dragging it out for another week and a half. Knock on wood.

But seriously, she knew exactly where she’d find the answer to the big “Barbie” last words mystery but she couldn’t figure it out before she actually saw the footage? And her reaction upon seeing this mystery-solving footage is to make a snide and/or self-deprecating remark about camera-handling skills? Either way it’s peculiar, from both a plot development and writing choice standpoint. I mean she can’t resist cracking wise and humble-bragging even as the moment she’s been waiting for plays out on the screen in front of her? So what is it that I’m supposed to “like” about this character, exactly?





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