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Yesterday these climage damate comics had too much testosterone… but in today’s strip Ruby is arguing that they aren’t optimistic enough. For who? For sales? For readers? For her, personally? How do you even conflate testosterone with pessimism? Is that what she’s even doing? What’s going on in her mind? What’s her motivation? Annnnnnnnnnnd, why should I care?

Flash is pretty smug about dying before the coming damate climage cataclysm occurs. I wouldn’t be if I was him. STILL drawing comic books at his age? It’s a safer bet to assume he’s immortal until proven otherwise. No one dies in the Batiukverse unless three things are satisfied:

1 – Their death is in the service of an award-winning-seeking important issue. (Okay, we can check this one, though I’m going to doubt TB has the writing chops to figure out how to kill Flash with climage damate)

2 – They are not involved in or devoted to comic books. (No check here… recall how comic book and movie serial uberschmuck Jff Murdoch survived the damate climage fire that ate Los Angeles)

3 – Their death enables Les to feel even more superior to others. (No check, again)


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Une Semaine De Bonte

Link To Today’s Strip

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Tom Batiuk for this week.  I really appreciate the attempt at humor, and while the strip never really rose above the level of, say, Blondie or Beetle Bailey (other than Thursday’s ultra-goofosity), it was miles above what the strip usually offers.  This week was like a vacation.

Those of you who aren’t guest hosts…count your blessings.  A guest host never knows from one day to the next what is being served up.  Will it be something with one of the many hateful characters?  Will it just be lame?  Will it be mind-numbingly boring?  Remember–you’re the host, you have to have something to say!

Here’s something I’d like to say.  I never approach Funky Winkerbean with the attitude of Well, let’s see what can I hate on today.  No, despite how poorly made the strip tends to be, I always hope that it will somehow be good, at least today.  Because there are enough poorly-made, dull things in this world, and if something rises above that, then [insert Hallmark-worthy phrase here].

So, yeah, sometimes I will overpraise something that’s just mediocre, because I think that mediocre is at least a step up from terrible.

Take today’s offering.  Previously in the week, a guy set out to achieve a goal, and through hard work and persistence, actually did so.  That’s rare enough in the Funkyverse–what’s even rarer is what today’s strip shows:  Funky Winkerbean saying, in effect, “Hey, let’s enjoy life.”  When was the last time that happened?  I can’t remember.

That, my friends, is a hell of a lot better than what we usually get.  This strip typically takes the notion that “genius” requires no effort or talent (Les Moore’s entire life-story) or that those who are deemed “worthy” (criminal-in-training Cory) should have others (Holly) slavishly work on their behalf–without, of course, expending any energy at all, other than to say “I want.”

Today’s episode, though, says…you’ve worked for it.  You’ve sweated over it.  And you made it.

Enjoy it.

In this comic strip, that’s praiseworthy.

Besides, we should all be glad there’s not a fourth panel, where Funky says “I think I can get us a good table at a place I know called Montoni’s!”  That would be double-secret barf-bag-worthy.  I’m kind of shocked today’s strip didn’t end that way.  Sometimes, it’s the things held back that make the biggest difference.

Sunday could bring all this crashing down, of course.  While my thanks to Tom Batiuk are sincere, that doesn’t mean my eyes are closed.

See you tomorrow night!


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