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But seriously… be sure to read today’s strip before David Caruso‘s lawyer does.


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Humor is how I deal with tragedy“. I bet Batiuk has used that line a lot at book signings and when newspapers inexplicably interview him. And I’m sure the response he gets more often than not is “Humor? What humor?”.
I really don’t get what “tragedy” Funky is referring to here. The tragedy of successfully having a routine surgery that lots of people get? The tragedy of having to age when you’d rather stay ten in your parents’ attic reading comic books forever?
Oh, and Funky’s joke isn’t funny and really doesn’t work. It doesn’t really sound at all like what it’s supposed to, I don’t think. It’s a pity it’s one of the last things that poor guy pushing the wheelchair is ever going to hear, since he’s clearly about to drop dead.


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Park Your Carcass(es)

I’m pretty sure a sales fundraiser in which you wind up with a garage full of unsold merch is kind of a bust, no? What exactly is Classic Dinkle’s plan here in panel 1? Even if a polar vortex were to descend on Westview tonight, and linger through Christmas and New Year’s, no poultry (especially organic) would still remain edible. Those “Sam ‘n’ Ella’s” turkeys would soon be living up to their name. If “next year” means “next Thanksgiving,” then the premise becomes even more absurd.


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Westview: Silent Hill Edition

Link to today’s strip.

Wow, look at that background in panel one!  It’s going to be great when Pyramid Head shows up and starts butchering everyone.  I’m going to take back everything bad I’ve said about this strip!

Ha ha, not really.  Anyway, here’s another Funky Winkerbean “story” in which speculation far outstripped reality.  Imagine, you folks talking about affairs and house-building!  You should’ve seen yourselves!  Don’t worry, I’m not making sport of you, as I fall into the same trap pretty much every time.  Sigh.

A question for those of you more knowledgeable than myself.  Adeela seems like a fairly devout Muslim–aren’t there strictures on the company that Muslim women can keep?  Isn’t being with a man who is not in her family (and a married man at that) forbidden?

I know that women driving was restricted (until recently) in places like Saudi Arabia, so she’s clearly bucking that trend.  So, why continue with the hijab, then?  (I know the answer to that one–it’s so Batiuk can claim diversity by using the most superficial traits.)

Credit where it’s due:  I like the drawing of Rachel in panel two.  That is a genuinely good rendering of Rachel’s expression–someone who is clearly not happy, but is willing to listen.


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