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The Cream of the Crap

Now that we have crowned the worst, we must similarly honor the best. And like any election after 1796, it was easy to find candidates who were awful, but terribly difficult to find truly good nominees.

In order for a strip to be nominated, it had to achieve Batiuk’s desired effect. If the strip was supposed to be funny and was, or was supposed to be charming and mostly succeeded, it made the short list. It was a very short list. The thinnest silver lining to a dark cloud.

And that cloud destroys everything it touches…
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Oh, yay.  The “did they/didn’t they” romantic drama of our time is finally over, after one whole day of tension.  Thank you, Batiuk.  I thought for sure the rest of the week would be filled with horrible misunderstood phrases like “Les bought an extra-large!” where Cayla would assume Cindy meant condoms and the Official Tom Batiuk Lame Photo Album Flashback Panel would show it was an extra-large root beer.

And what is Caylay’s sigh of relief about?  She once commented wryly on Les crying out Lisa’s name during “intimate moments” with her, so I would think she’d have zero problem with Les being with someone else.


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