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All of My Friends Were There

Cindy’s Popularity Was Just a Cover for Insecurity? Whoddathunk?!

Cindy was the most popular, so she gets to talk about getting left out TWICE. Or we’re supposed to interpret the start of this interminable pity party on Tuesday as a private conversation between Funky and Cindy, and thus she warrants a second confession to the entire group. Continue reading


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Modest Louse

I neither understand nor care what Les is droning on about in today’s strip, though I do find it hard to believe any student would invite him to a graduation party… including this one. Les was invited to Montoni’s alcohol-free graduation party in ’98 (not by a student), it was about as well-attended as you would expect.

If the party is alcohol-free, then why are they switching from present to past tense mid-sentence?

Cayla, for her part, is a strange combination of scandalized by a swimsuit style that has been fairly common and quite popular for half a century and nonchalant about seeing her younger self galavanting merrily beside the (time?) pool.


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Low Water Mark

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SIGH. Yet another pandemic gag that (I assume) seemed clever at the time, only to fail badly thanks to BatYam’s unique blend of ineptitude and stupidity. I don’t know why Les drinks water from bottles by throwing the water from the bottle into his mouth, but based on their expression in panel three, Linda and Jim have clearly seen this and been amused by it before. The real question here is what did Les say there in panel two? Was it “shit”, “f*ck”, “dammit” or something else entirely?

Pound sign, squiggle, explosion, lightning bolt and skull and crossbones…whatever it was it must have been pretty obscene to merit that skull and crossbones. I also like how the bottle is helpfully labeled “water”, just in case there was any doubt. Seriously though, has anyone out there actually done this or found it to be a problem? I mean sure, I do some pretty stupid things at times but I haven’t sunk to this level yet, thank God.


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Devoid of context, today’s strip is aimless and boring. With context, though, it’s… ummmm… I don’t really know. What is the context of this strip anyways?

We have no idea how this exchange began, unless it began like this, which means “Batton Thomas” just started spouting off trivial comic book history once Bernie and Thatsnought where within earshot. Is this what TB does at book signings and conventions?


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“Vague” Is Just Another Word For Something Or Other

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Well, Cindy, you’re interviewing for the news anchor job and you’re a professional news anchor thus I would assume that your “role” will be that of a f*cking NEWS ANCHOR, you blithering idiot. Perhaps her career woes have less to do with her face and more to do with her total and complete lack of preparedness.

“Vague”, huh? You mean like the ever-cryptic FW timeline? Or like the way the epic Starbuck Jones arc just mysteriously ended off-screen with no explanation whatsoever? Or the way everyone just stopped talking about Summer all at once? Or how Darin supports a family on his pizza app salary? Or when Les has conversations with an imaginary cat? Yeah, vagueness really blows all right. I suppose the joke is that “internet business models” are always a bunch of ambiguous nebulous bullshit and that “internet entrepreneurs” always speak in meaningless circles which, even if it’s true, isn’t a particularly original observation. Of course this little vision of what an “internet start-up model” is like is ripped straight from something he saw on TV, but hey, it is topical in a vague sort of way so it all comes full circle in a vague sort of way…vaguely, that is.

I don’t know what the deal is with this “Michael Spencer” character (if that is his real name), but I do know I’ve seen people get punched in the face over WAY less than that astoundingly obnoxious face he’s making in panel two. He looks like a graduate of the Les Moore Eyebrow-Cocking Academy, it’s unbelievable. And isn’t it remarkable how Cindy’s “deadpan” face is almost exactly the same as her “duh?” face? Why, sometimes I can’t even tell if she’s being sarcastic or not (short answer: always).


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