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If Ever I Would Leaf You

Lisa’s beloved autumn leaves are falling so heavily that it’s all Les can do to keep up. Especially with arms that are barely thicker than the handle of the rake he’s holding. The Other Woman, properly chastised and accepting of her secondary status, presents Les with Lisa’s third-party hug along the second tape DVD. Her dazed grin signifies her complete submission to the Will of Lisa’s ghost. Les, meanwhile, appears startled that eighteen years after her death, Lisa’s recorded nagging continues.


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Unless “just being Nordic” is a Midwestern idiom that’s too obscure to be found on Google, I’ll assume that Jessica is saying that Darin’s “just being neurotic.” Though if that is the case, I’m less sure whether Blondie’s joking or if she actually thinks “Nordic” is the correct term.

Whatever suspense Batiuk is trying to build here is undermined by a couple of things: mainly that he mentioned in an interview last month that Frankie would be returning. On the other hand, casual readers (as opposed to us beady-eyed nitpickers) may be hard pressed to connect the black-and-white-haired man we saw last week clutching a Beer in his huge hand with the black-and-blue-haired guy with the dainty hand, who’s just checked in for an extended stay at the Stveiw Motel.


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Screen Pass

April 13, 2013 at 2:07 pm
Ooh, I got a leaked scene Les is working on! Let’s take a look!

Int: Les and Lisa’s apartment above the pizza place
(Lisa is checking her self in the mirror after the football tackle thing after she landed on her chest. Her handsome husband is in the other room, saying funny, witty things about stuff)…

Guess that leftover pizza did the trick! Les finally begins crafting a screenplay which so far happens to read very much like davidorth’s “leaked scene”.


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Flash Boredom

March 13, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Pete: “Well, I’d better go before the combined totality of my neurotic loathing of my own chosen vocation chooses to manifest itself as a sentient, malevolent recurring hallucination!”

Too late, Pete! You know, it’s a fine line between a hyperactive imagination and chronic hallucinatory psychosis, and it looks like being called upon to actually earn his paycheck has sent Pete around the bend yet again. Hey Pete, maybe women instantly dislike you because you can’t get their names right? Don’t feel bad, though: I thought she was supposed to be Elaine from Seinfeld.


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The Hat Locker

Your friend Crazy Harry“, I guess so as not to confuse him with any other Crazy Harrys, or with the relatively sane Harry Dinkle. More stiff dialogue from Batiuk, and more needlessly effusive gesticulating from Les. At least he seems to be warming to being interrogated about his school days. Tune in tomorrow to hear Cayla ask “Did you really piss your pants in the janitor’s closet?”

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Brokedown Palace

In the history of “writing”, has there ever been a less charming “leading man” than Les Moore? Those perpetually arched eyebrows…the “Mom jeans” he’s wearing today…yecch. To his credit, at least he’s finally coming around to the idea of Cayla and Keisha becoming his family, with his talk of “two girls headed off to college”.

Anyway: what’s the deal with Cayla’s scrawny legs?

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Les is less than thrilled to learn that his “mystery” destination is Kilimanjaro, but he is cut off in mid-whine by wild-eyed Summer clawing at his shoulder.

In the interview I referred to a few posts ago, TB gave away some previews of FW’s 40th anniversary year. In addition to Les and Summer’s Kilimanjaro trek, he also cites “a storyline in May when a same-sex couple wants to attend the prom together”. Given Summer’s masculine attire, I wonder if she might be one half of that couple?

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